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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Assorted Bits

With the way things are,
sometimes gets hard
But, we've come so far
to be happy

-Last Saturday we had our first touch football game. The league that I’m in is the Men’s Rec league which means, the really good league. Last year I played on the coed team and that was about up to my ability because I could drop passes and not have to beat myself up.

Anyway I was on a team of individuals--guys who didn’t know anyone as opposed to the “teams” that would sign up--and we just barely had enough guys to field a complete team. We had one tall guy, one guy that was 4 foot nothing and a couple other guys with average ability.

The team we were playing had about 16 guys (10 more than us), all of which were minorities (they were faster, more athletic than us honkys), and it seemed like most were at least 6’4”. Their one guy that didn’t match any of that was their quarterback who had a friggen gun for an arm.

Needless to say we lost but only 34-12 and we held them scoreless in the 2nd half which was awesome for a bunch of cracker strangers.

-After the game I felt pretty good. About an hour later my back just froze up and I was having trouble standing without pain. And this pain, oh man, this was awful. I almost broke down and cried in my kitchen when I struggled to get that pizza out of the oven without snapping my back.

-Twins were tied for the Central lead for about 20 minutes last night. Me from four months ago would be in complete shock if I heard that.

-So I got the local newspaper today and eagerly looked for my article that I wrote. Being that this is the newspaper that’s delivered to the area I grew up in I was pretty excited. I could just hear all the old folks go,
Nancy: Say Chester, remember that one kid that was hitting beach balls on top of his roof a long time ago?
Chester: (sleeping)
Nancy: Well, here he is and he’s now bald.

I found my article and I was pretty stoked to see my name and writing in the paper. The picture, however, was not me. The picture was a noticeably fatter and balding guy (as opposed to my baldness). So now Nancy is going to think that there are two Tom Bergs and not remember the kid doing home run derby with beach balls.

That kinda pisses me off.

-I got the new Peter Frampton CD and that is completely awesome! If I were to ever be the manager of a Kmart the first thing I would do would be to blow up the Musaak box and just pump this CD over and over again. Of course I wouldn’t have any idea about the shopper’s tendencies and it may not bring out the most bang for the buck…or whatever but I think that would be cool.

I’ve always thought that instrumental albums were highly underrated and I wished that David Gilmour and Van Halen could do something like what Frampton did.

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Aliecat said...

Congrats on the article, Cracker!