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Friday, September 01, 2006

Fantasy Football '06

The selfish, they're all standing in line
Faithing and hoping to buy themselves time
Me, I figure as each breath goes by
I only own my mind

I know Ron said how boring it is when someone talks fantasy football so if that’s the case look away because THIS ENTRY IS ENTIRLY FANTASY FOOTBALL RELATED!!!!

First there was The Deer then it was Frank this year I have come up with a name that I like to say. A name so cool that I wouldn’t mind making a t-shirt about it. A name that has just the right amount of syllables that you think, “hmm that’s a cool name”…at least I do.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the…

Which means that the tube going up to the upper intestine and into that bag so people can go to the bathroom…yeah we crush those!

QB: Jake Delhomme (6)
QB: Daunte Culpepper (8)

RB: Edgerrin James (1)
RB: Steven Jackson (2)
RB: Mike Bell (7)
RB: Dominic Rhodes (11)
RB: Greg Jones (15) (yeah I’m gonna get rid of him…any suggestions?)

WR: Terrell Owens (4)
WR: Donald Driver (5)
WR: Rod Smith (9)
WR: Drew Bennett (12)
WR: Lavernuse Coles (14)
WR: Antwaan Randel El (17)

TE: Antonio Gates (3)
TE: Joe Klopfenstein (18)

K: Nate Kaeding (13)
K: John Carney (16)

D: Carolina (10)

Notes about my team
-I was stoked to get Steven Jackson in the 2nd round. I forgot to look at my “list” and found out he was a running back I really wanted.
-I quenched my obsessive need to have a really good TE in Antonio Gates and my undying love for Denver running backs in Mike Bell (aka: Quentin Griffen #2). If he takes the starting job, then I’m money baby.
-I was stoked to get Owens in the 4th round.
-I was also stoked to get Daunte in the 8th round. I know everyone who was drafting was complete anti Daunte guys (including me) but I figured he would be a good guy to have and he was also on my “list”
-For the wide outs I figured that I wouldn’t be handcuffed to a guy that I “have to play” every week and I could choose the better matchup between Driver, Smith, Bennett, Coles. Maybe one will break out too?
-If anyone could tell me why the hell I picked up John Carney please leave a comment because I cannot for the life of me, figure out why I drafted the guy. I know I said “John Carney” but I instantaneously was stunned that I said that and could not say “NO WAIT…I WANT A GOOD KICKER”. whatever, he’s my backup anyway.
-I took one defense because it’s not like a defense gets injured, so why waste a pick on a 2nd defense?

I must say overall I feel better about this team than I did last year for team: Frank. I think I did pretty good and got a lot of guys on my “list”.

Plus, it looks like the Colostomy Crushers will give Hog’s team a good shot. Perhaps this year I’ll make it 5 straight wins on Hog’s team…bwahahahhahahahahogsuckswahahahhahahaha

Here was my “list”

QB: Eli, Delhomme, Daunte, Warner, Plummer
RB: Ronnie Brown, Cadillac, Steven Jackson**, Mike Bell,
WR: Wayne, Chambers, Driver,
TE: Gates

Fuckin sweet as hell.


Aliecat said...

Skimmed it...sorry!

The Steph said...

Yes...Name sounds cool!!!

Eric Wormann said...

Teams have bye weeks, which is why you take a second defense. I can't wait until week 8 when Terrell Owens gets cut and no one wants to pick him up.