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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get Back From the Ledge (Bits)

Know a man. His face seemed pulled and tense.
Like he's riding on a motorbike in the strongest winds.
So I approach with tact.
Suggest that he should relax, but he's always moving much too fast.

-I had to plan my day around the Twins game yesterday because Francisco Liriano was coming back to the rotation. I left the gym early and was getting psyched to see the F-Bomb pitch again.

First inning went buy with him pitching like 9 pitches and it went well

Second inning and he completely owned the hitters. Frank Thomas looked like a little girl at the plate

Third inning: he looked good against the first batter and then Bobby Kielty came up. One terrible slider later and he’s done for the year--maybe even all of next year too.
All this after the Twins babied him for 5 weeks making absolutely sure he was ready to pitch. They even had Matt Garza on call to make sure F-Bomb wouldn’t do too much.

It was like….

That girl from ‘the other school’ you dated in high school with whom you had that great time with for a couple weeks and then things changed. Attitudes were different, the little things weren’t the same, and something was just overall different about her. 5 weeks later after being strung along you find out that she’s getting kinda fat and then figure out that she’s getting fat because there’s a bun in the oven (and not your bun either), which in turn, gives you closure…

That bitch!


You’re playing Jenga late in the game when there is barely any logs left to move on that damn tower. The slightest bump of the table would cause everything to collapse. After analyzing the tower you find the one piece that can be moved. You carefully try to nudge the piece away trying to keep the tower still. Carefully and precisely you end up taking the entire piece off and you successfully place it on the top of the tower. In amazement you look at the tower in astonishment when suddenly it doesn’t just collapse but blows the hell up (explosion and fire and everything) right in front of you.


You come back home after sneaking out of the house and to avoid waking up your parents you carefully tip toe your way along the hallway. Every step is precise and stealthy (that’s another cool word) until you reach your room and sit on your bed. You made it but just then your dad blows serious ass and wakes up in a violent rage throwing around vodka bottles and dresser drawers everywhere.

Or… I don’t know. Batgirl has another nice story too.

It sucks but still, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. See, there’s a bunch of these stupid football-type fans that live and die with all 162 baseball games and don’t realize what has been happening. In the past five weeks that Liriano has been gone the Twins have still been 20-14 since which has not been bad compared to the White Sox or Tigers.

-Then people have actually said that the pitching staff is in shambles. What the hell have you been watching lately? Garza finished the day off by giving up one run in 5 innings to the A’s, Boof give up one run in seven innings to the Tigers, and Silva’s last two starts he’s pitched 13 innings and only given up one run off of 6 hits. Hell, even Brad Radke has been feeling good enough to start pitching.

A starting staff of

Is not that bad. Take into account the awesome bullpen and an all star closer and it’s not THAT BAD. Get off the bridge.

-Does anyone know if Srixon golf balls are any good? My golf ball vocabulary is still stuck in 1998 where Ultra was my ball of choice and those cool bullet balls were awesome. I’ve never heard of Srixon but it’s a really cool name though. I think I might add it to the list with “thermostat” and “catalytic converter“.

-For some positive reminiscing, I took a picture of the front page of the Pioneer Press from last Saturday. I think it’s cool but then again, I would think it’s cool.

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