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Monday, September 04, 2006

I Ate Too Much

I wished I'd have known you
I wished I'd have shown you
All of the things
I was on the inside

I have a couple confessions to make.

1. In place of the penny arcade was this “butterfly world” which was a huge room with a million butterflies flying around. As much as I miss the penny arcade (and that giant pinball machine) I kinda sorta thought the “butterfly world” looked really cool.

I know, I know I’m giving away my “guy card” on this subject but seeing these 5 year olds with 40 butterflies on them looked really cool. Plus, they had these “blue” butterflies that looked all pretty and everything.

2. I actually opened my eyes at the fair.
Woah, there are some really god damn fat people and the gunts….oh my. Next year I’m thinking of buying some really big pants and blowing up a balloon (or many balloons) and walk around with a synthetic gunt to see what it’s like.

Speaking of which, I think I ate more than I ever have at the fair. I spent about $135 total at the fair ($70 on food for two days).

But it’s alright because I fasted last week. With the State Fair being my Lent, I laid way back on the food for the week prior to me going to the fair. So it’s all good.

I must say I was extremely happy with the hot dish on a stick. I grew up on tater tot hot dish and I haven’t had it in such a long time so I was happy.

Also the gelato was awesome. Gelato is Italian ice cream except that it is made with milk…I think and it’s awesome and expensive. For one little bowl it’s $4.50 but it’s worth it because it’s so god damn good.

I must say the first day that I went to the fair it was the most inefficient experience I’ve had. I left hungry, not going to all the booths that I wanted to go, and tired.

…that’s all I got.. I’m tired from all that eating.

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