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Friday, September 29, 2006

Kill Bills

It's hard to listen to a hard hard heart
Beating close to mine
Pounding up against the stone and steel
Walls that I won't climb

That “train wreak day” day I was talking about a month ago is now going to happen tomorrow. Although the Twins don’t have a Wild Card birth in mind, they do have the AL Central to acquire as…
The Twins are now tied with the Tigers for the AL Central lead!!!!!!!!!

Of course with that occasion, I have to take you back in time to this entry by the Tigers fan, Orbitron. I think it’s kinda funny with the circumstances.

Of course I should point out the comments to this entry as well just to try to maintain objectiveness. (actually, I can’t find it but I indeed said the Twins were “done” back in May I believe)

Last week on picks I went…ugh 8-6 including completely being 130% wrong on that Seattle/Giants game. If you remember, I was standing on my high horse about how Seattle was overrated and how the Giants were going to leave the stadium with glowing embers. Well, I kinda screwed up (and I lost at fantasy because of it…damn you Matt Hasselbeck) and this week I hope to bounce back to something respectable.

Overall I’m 32-13 which still isn’t too bad.

Arizona @ Atlanta
So I was actually one of many who thought we could just hand over the Vince Lombardi trophy to Michael Vick and company because they can run through anything. I didn’t watch that game last Monday but all I can say is…damn that NFL and it’s crappin parity. I bet in grade school Ron Mexico was like Spiderman when he had to play Jungle for gym class. I bet it was impossible to for a “tree” to catch him.
Falcons 31 Cards 17

Dallas @ Tennessee
Christ, is this really a game or some sub plot to the damn TO deal? To tell you the truth I really can’t stand watching the Cowboys anymore. I just don’t care enough to watch Drew Bledsoe take 3 steps back only to duck or throw the ball away.
Cowboys 23 Titans 14

Indianapolis @ NY Jets
I suppose the Colts are going to be the team that I always have to say is going to win every week. Say, if TO and Peyton Manning made love I’m sure ESPN would show that 24/7 and have Sean Salisbury analyze every breathtaking detail
Colts 31 Jets 27

Miami @ Houston
Daunte has sucked really bad and I think everyone from Minnesota could’ve told the whole country that before the season started. This seems like one of those games that Daunte should look good at and pass for 450 yards but I think he’ll suck again and then the people will call on the backups. That should be satisfying.
Texans 20 Dolphins 10

New Orleans @ Carolina
I’m guessing that Carolina is going go Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans because they need to prove something and Steve Smith is now back. How would a Steve Smith and TO love fest look? With Peyton watching? Not that I’m gay or anything but… uh er…Panthers win
Panthers 34 Saints 20

San Diego @ Baltimore
It must be really cool to take a flight from the east coast going to the west coast because you could leave the east coast at like 3pm and arrive on the west coast at like 2pm and it makes for a very efficient day. It’s like living in a 30 hour day or something!
Chargers 31 Ravens 10

San Francisco @ Kansas City
Pfff… your guess is as good as mine. Samkon Gore or whatshisface seems to be pretty good this year. I gotta figure that Larry Johnson will destroy the 49ers though…I guess.
Chiefs 24 49ers 17

Detroit @ St. Louis
I gotta admit that I don’t like those new indoor stadiums that both these teams have. Not that I’ve been in Ford Field or whateveritisfieldinst.louis but I guess with me living with the Metrodome, I don’t understand why teams would build a new indoor facility? That’s just stupid I think.
Rams 31 Lions 20

Cleveland @ Oakland
Oh yuck. 5 years ago you’d never guess a team with Warren Sapp and Randy Moss would suck so damn bad. Probably another field goal fest.
Browns 9 Raiders 3

Jacksonville @ Washington
I’m sure Eric will watch and I’d actually like to but I have no guys playing in this game so…next
Jaguars 23 Redskins 20

New England @ Cincinnati
I’m actually a bit of a Bengals fan even though it goes against everything I am. I usually don’t root for the #1 team that looks flashy but I guess I am in this case. They’re like that team with all the flashy fantasy numbers who just can’t seem to make the final step. Kinda like the Colts I guess.
Holy crap, Cincinnati has a tough last 3 games: Indianapolis, @ Denver, Pittsburgh That’s tough actin tinactin
Bengals 31 Patriots 17

Seattle @ Chicago
I really don’t know. Chicago’s got a killer defense and Alexander wont play. I guess I’ll actually have to say Seattle wins. This must be the first time I’ve selected Seattle since last year…early in the year last year that is.
Seahawks 20 Bears 7

Green Bay @ Philadelphia
Ewwww. Should be a shoot out and Philly should win
Eagles 35 Packers 28

Vikings @ Bills
I imagine the Vikings should win this game because I think they proved a lot in that bears loss last week. They seem to be really disciplined compared to those blasted Mike Tice years and I don’t mind the play calling at all. Brad Johnson seems to be making some really nice throws and I like how Troy Williamson is playing. I’m taking the vikes.
I’M TAKING ALL OF MINNESOTA IN WINS THIS WEEKEND!!!! Except the gopher football team…of course
Kill Bills (haha boy am I clever)
Vikings 27 Bills 17


Eric Wormann said...

Actually I hardly ever watch Redskins games because I live in New Jersey so all I get to see are Giants and Jets games. But I can't believe you're picking them to lose after Mark Brunell wasted all of his talent last week. Wait, I think I just contradicted myself. You're right, Brunell is washed up.

Eric Wormann said...