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Friday, October 20, 2006

Awesome pics

Rubin Carter was falsely tried.
The crime was murder "one," guess who testified?
Bello and Bradley and they both baldly lied
And the newspapers, they all went along for the ride.

It was quite amazing last week. I was sitting next to the owner of “Pocket Rockets” and he was hopeless that his team would beat mine…like he should. He was going on and on about how everyone scores the high score of the week against him and how everything was hopeless. My guys seemed to be doing pretty well but I wasn’t sure.

I came home and I was actually losing 75-62 with the 2nd half of the late games left. I cried,
“Oh no!” and then took a shower.

I came back to my room after my shower and I was suddenly up 100-75 and all the world was right.

I just wish I would’ve won the damn $3 though.

Last week I kinda sucked. I went 8-5 in my picks BUT I did manage to pick the Lions first win so I feel that was worth like 4 victories So I consider myself going 12-5 instead.

Overall I’m 62-24 which is still pretty good

Carolina @ Cincinnati
This is the matchup I want to see. It seems that Cincinnati and their two-headed Johnson in Rudi and Chad haven’t been doing anything this year. Carolina, on the other hand, seems to always develop their ‘captain america’ defense as the year progresses. For instance I’ll pick up maybe a measly 2 points from that defense in the first 5 weeks but then they’ll go insane and score me 17 by week 9. For the rest of the year they’ll be consistently awesome. I’m taking the Panthers because I don’t trust all those Johnson’s that Cincinnati has.
Panthers 27 Bengals 21

Detroit @ NY Jets
If Detroit ends up losing all the rest of their games two things will happen: 1) I will knight myself Sir Boof is Awesome for correctly predicting every Lions game (I don’t think I’ve predicted them to win before…why would I?) and 2) Matt Millen will still, somehow, keep his job. Bring back Marty Morningweg or whatever.
Jets 28 Lions 24

Green Bay @ Miami
Ugh. Hey this is just like the “Something About Mary” line.
“You’re Brett? What are you doing here?
“I’m in town to play the dolphins you dumbass.”
Maybe he’s doing the same this weekend? That would be awesome!
Oh god, do I have to predict a winner in this game?
Dolphins 31 Packers 21 go Joey…pfff

Jacksonville @ Houston
Maurice Drew-Jones sounds like a middle aged woman’s name. The woman who has a career as a field reporter and doesn’t want to relinquish her maiden name. Is Jones the last name of his bitch or is he the bitch? Either way, I hope he’s on my team. There’s a place for him on the Colostomy Crushers.
Jaguars: a lot Texans: not enough

New England @ Buffalo
I actually haven’t heard much Tom Brady love this year. It’s really weird or maybe I’m not paying attention but it seems as if all the Tom Brady gang bang patrol has migrated to New Orleans for Reggie Bush’s mardi gras gangbang.
Patriots 31 Bills 14

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay
I’m still trying to figure out how the hell Tampa beat the Bengals last week.

The only thing I can come up with is maybe the tampa bay visitor’s locker room was painted pink and all the football players hated it so they played poorly. Maybe Philly wins this week because they’re afraid of the pink locker rooms. Nah Donavon will torch the Bucs for 600 yards probably.
Eagles 34 Bucs 17

Pittsburgh @ Atanta
Atlanta is toast with the Pittsburgh defense. Ron Mexico will get his torso ripped off with that defense

Steelers 24 Falcons 10

San Diego @ Kansas City
Oooh another good game. The Chiefs seem to be one of those teams that seem completely unstoppable at home but the Chargers have a pretty good defense and Nate Kaeding! Dun-dun-duun

Chargers 24 Chiefs 21

Denver @ Cleveland
Sara Evans, If you happen to see this, I’ve been waiting for you for five years. I’ll never cheat on you and I’ll dance with you all the time. Sara, I don’t care that you have like 3 kids because I know I’m not fit to be a father but I am fit to make myself a father…over and over again if you let me. Haha
Broncos 30 Browns 17

Arizona @ Oakland
Well, since I probably blew my chance with Sara Evans with my ‘middle school humor’ I should probably pick up a back up singer whose leg I can pretend to hump in the middle of the night. You know, there’s no one that can compare to Sara. Have you seen that ass? Oh my god. Sara, I want you and I will be your slave if you want one!
Arizona will/should win this a score is worthless with this game. It’s like a kid’s T-ball game.

Washington @ Indianapolis
I think Indy has this because the Redskins suck on the road…I think.
I dunno
Colts 21 Redskins 17

NY Giants @ Dallas
Hell if I know. I thought the Giants would lose to the Falcons last week but now with Dallas. I think Dallas loses because they’re not as talented as NY. Dallas sucks ass.
Giants 24 Cowboys 17

Minnesota @ Seattle
Have we ever beaten Seattle before…ever? I wonder if they’ll try to divert everything to Nate Burleson who they want to think, they stole from us for that Steve Hutchingson deal. They can have him for all anyone cares here. I just don’t think the Vikings have enough offense (or any offense) that can compete with the seawhores

Prove me wrong guys
Seahawks 17 Vikings 13

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