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Monday, October 23, 2006

Cowboy Junkies Review

I hope that I find what I'm reaching for
The way that it is in my mind
I hope that I won't be that wrong anymore
and maybe to have learned this time

If you ever have the opportunity to see a band or musical act at the Guthrie Theatre, do it. The place is absolutely gorgeous. This particular night had one of my favorite bands playing and I was stoked just walking in. The Cowboy Junkies were the band that I came to see and I love seeing this band because I know the fans and the venue had to be great.

The new Guthrie is phenomenal. The concourses are dark and club like. The views from inside (and inside looking out) are spectacular. The place is simply beautiful right on down to the bathrooms. Instead of the typical urinals, they give you a metallic trough and instead of a giant trough, you get your own personal trough which is nice. Also I don’t think there is any possible way to get any piddle backsplash on yourself because the individual trough-style urinal is engineered so all the piddle goes where it’s supposed to so that’s awesome. Then the sinks have a steady stream of warm water that falls from a soffit style faucet. Really cool!

The crowd that showed up was:
-predominately white (except for one African American fellow)
-about 80% wore glasses of some kind
-about 80% were older than 30
-almost everyone was wearing nice kinda clothes (instead of the typical ripped up old concert T)
-everyone probably listens to MPR
-and about 110% of everyone is kinda liberal, liberal, or flag burning-Canadian worshipping-forgiving everyone for anything liberal.

Basically the typical Junkies crowd. What I like is these people wont be doing the stupid things like singing along and screaming out during the song. Also that obligatory drunk guy on the balcony will be nowhere to be found. Thank god. The venue as a whole is how I think almost every concert should be. Small, intimate, with good sound. Basically there were only about 1000 seats and they all were pointed toward the small thrust stage. It’s everything a concert should be in my opinion.

The warm up band was just a couple guys and they were kinda boring. One thing that was cool was they called up someone who was celebrating his 50th birthday and the crowd sang happy birthday for him. What’s really weird is that the crowd sang pretty well instead of the drunk yelling crap.

The Junkies then went on (after what seemed like a half hour of wating) and to me, they didn’t disappoint. They played “open” and “common disaster” . The number that I really liked was “Dreaming My Dreams With You” which was excellent.

I’ve come to the conclusion that with such a small venue and following, the lead singer could say almost anything and gain some laughs. It’s the perfect place for that anecdote with any sort of clincher. Margo Timmins (lead singer) had her share of anecdotes with Joni Mitchell’s sick cat, some guy thinking she was a bus driver, and some road trip stories. She always knows the perfect thing to say and has a great sense of humor about herself.

After the show Margo Timmins stays after and chats with the folks because she likes it. The past Junkies concerts I’ve been to I haven’t been able to chat because I never had time. This time I made sure she signed my copy of “Lay it Down” and I brought my camera to get a picture with her. I got my autograph and I got my picture so I walked away very happy.

It’s my birthday today so wish me a happy birthday!

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