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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Game 2 Bits

Through the years I've grown to love you
Though your commitment to most would offend
But I stuck by you holding on with my foolish pride
Waiting for you to give in...

I went to the game yesterday…unfortunately and I thought I would point out some of the things about the day.

-It actually worked out that I could get some relief for work since the game was at noon so me and a couple friends went out to the Metrodome hoping we could find some tickets. Sure enough it wasn’t hard to find some for face value and we snatched them up.
It was actually a good thing to buy from someone else because we avoided the stupid Ticketmaster convenience (and what a convenience it is) charge.

Of the four of us, two tickets were alongside the 3rd baseline in the upper deck and the other two were in straight away center (lower deck but we couldn’t see centerfield at all…damn Metrodome).
Both sets of tickets were $70 for the pair so we were happy just to get in.

-Before I found tickets, I ran into my boss who didn’t know I had taken the day off. When I saw him he had this,
“ooooh I got you nailed now you dirty fucker. I caught you and now you’re gonna be fired” type of look and I came up and started teasing him about working hard and everything. He then came right back and pretty much said the same thing except I think he was serious. I laughed and walked on and he just looked at me frowning.
I covered my bases with another boss before hand but I think it was kinda cool being on the hot seat and not caring.

-The concourses in the Metrodome with 55k people is like cattle. Everyone is trying to go somewhere, facing that somewhere, but unable to go there. Instead everyone just has good intentions of going and ends up looking at each other like,
“man, our life sucks”

-A really good thing about 55,000 people is that the ogling is awesome. I know I’m biased but women wearing those ass jeans (and almost all jeans I consider to be ‘ass jeans’) and the dark blue Twins T-shirt is one of the hottest looks ever. Yesterday they all were out and they all looked incredible.

-I had a seat next to an Oakland A’s fan but he was really cool and we both were objective enough to point out bad calls (for and against our teams) and look at each other in disbelief. Our seats were in centerfield right above the TV cameras and that ump yesterday gave the Twins a TON of calls. I couldn’t believe some of the calls on about 20 pitches throughout the game.

-At one point the ESPNHD camera guy came up our aisle and he was close to making a shot of my Boof jersey. I was excited, Boof in HD! He stayed in the aisle waiting for a pitch and we all joked about how many pounds a camera gives you. I figured high definition would add 5 more pounds to standard definition. Of course I had to spill ketchup on my beloved Boof jersey and I looked like a total idiot but I didn’t get on TV…at least I don’t think I did.

-After the Twins were down 2-0 the crowd never gave up because it was still a well pitched game. When Cuddyer hit his moon shot the place was on fire. I told the A’s fan next to me,
“should Cuddy get on, I would probably pull Loiaza because Morneau is coming up” and the A’s fan agreed with me. They didn’t pull him and Morneau hit this colossal foul ball, which went halfway up the upper deck, the whole place was in awe. I’ve never seen anyone hit a shot like that in the dome…
Tangent: When we went to Milwaukee a couple years ago, we saw the Twins and Brewers. Morneau came up being a brand new rookie and hit a shot that went ¾ of the way up the center field scoreboard. It was a phenomenal shot and the longest shot I’ve ever seen.

…until yesterday. That foul shot was unbelievable. Anyway Morneau OWNED Loiaza by hitting everything on the screws and pulling everything in the seats. Then he hit his moon shot and the place erupted. It was the single reason why we set out to see the game.

-Oh Torii, I totally feel for him. It’s the type of play that he’ll relive a million times and I’m sure he wont get any sleep tonight. I’ve been an anti-Torii guy for the last couple years but I really feel for him. We all have days like that and he just had to have his in game 2 of the playoffs.

-after the Twins were down 4-2 in the 8th inning the place was as silent as I’ve ever heard it. I looked around and not too many people left but you could hear the popping of the bullpen catcher’s glove… from centerfield…and there were still 55,000 people there!

-For as much as I paid for the ticket and waiting for light rail, I would totally love to go to another playoff game. It was a spectacular environment even though ‘the wave’ was being performed in the 7th inning of a 2-2 game… seriously, WTF people? What would be even more great is.. (and here is the obligatory, ‘I wish we had an outdoor stadium’ statement) if there was an outdoor stadium yesterday. The weather was PERFECT.

-The loss was kinda heartbreaking because we were so happy to have home field advantage and then turn around and lose the first two games at home. I’ll admit, things don’t look good right now and I know the Twins bandwagon now has a bunch of room but I’m keeping the faith…even if I STILL don’t have a homer hanky (and believe me, I’ve tried). I hate these fans that come on, start rooting for the team, and turn around and say something like, “pfff, I knew this team was garbage” which is the typical thing said by anyone who watched the ‘98 Vikings season and wanted to protect themselves from future upsets.

Other bits…

-I would still bet money that the Tigers still take that series in 5. Even though they lost the last 6 games.

-In terms of yesterday, Ron made a comment about where Ben Harper, Bob Seger, and The Who live albums and I must admit, I’ve never heard any of them live except for a little Who. Ben Harper is on my Pearl Jam DVD but he’s completely wasted in it so he doesn’t sound good at all. Bob Seger doesn’t interest me at all. The Who though, I’ve always wanted to get “Live at Leeds” but I’ve never bought/listened to it for some reason. It seems like an album that I should probably buy--right now in fact.

-One album that I failed to mention was Natalie Merchant’s live album. I don’t have any of here studio stuff but this Live album is awesome with a version of “Space Oddity” and “After the Gold Rush”. She has a great version of “Carnivale” and the song that has always annoyed me, “wonder”.

-I saw Invincible last weekend and I just hope that Disney stops making regurgitated sports movies. It’s alright but it seems too much like Miracle which seems a lot like Remember the Titans. I know they’re all true stories but they have the same exact plot…basically anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Good call on Natalie Merchant--I forgot how good she was live. I'll send you her version of "Sympathy For The Devil" it's really good. As for the Twins, I'd feel a lot more for Torii if he hadn't made the EXACT same mistake in 2002! He's a gold-glover, but that was dumb. I wish I had your Tigers optimism. i might be five Newcastles in the tankl by the end of the game today. If we win today, I do think we can stomp an injured Unit and Jaret Wright.