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Friday, October 27, 2006

My Ears Are Cleared!

And I would be the one
to hold you down
kiss you so hard
I'll take your breath away

My ears have finally cleared up! You have no idea what kind of a wind tunnel effect you have when you’re in the car and have your mouth open with an ear plugged up. Now I can hear pretty well.

Hell yeah.

Last week I went…ugh 5-8. Looking at the picks I just want to hit myself but there were a lot of “upsets” too. Like who the hell would’ve predicted the Texans to beat Jacksonville and who would’ve predicted the Cards to lose to the Raiders? Well, I didn’t

My overall record is now 67-32

Arizona @ Green Bay
It’s going to be such a party when Denny Green comes back to the Metrodome in week 12. That is, if he can keep his job until then. God damn that offensive line is terrible. You’d think that Edgerrin James could manage 50 yards a game. Then why the hell--after lucking out a safety call--would they run the ball on the one inch line? God damn I’m glad he’s not the vikes coach.
Packers 31 Cards 10

Atlanta @ Cincinnati
Also, who would’ve predicted the Falcons to beat the steelers? With as bad as the Bengals have been (relative to how everyone expected them to play) I gotta believe that the Falcons will run all over this team. Then again, you gotta figure that Chad Johnson will blow up at some point.
Falcons 28 Bengals 21

Baltimore @ New Orleans
I uh don’t really know. When you think the Ravens are good, they lay an egg against some dumb team. Then again the Saints have stayed pretty consistent throughout. I gotta go Saint on this because they’ll totally pimp the Hurricane Katrina deal (again) and the Saints will overcome.

Houston @ Tennessee
Pfff I have no idea. All I know is that now Wali Lundy is starting to do crap. Dammit.

Texans 24 Titans 14

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia
Pffff good lord, I have no idea. I guess I’m going to play the Donavon McNabb card and think that he’ll throw 400 yards passing. I don’ t know, Phillys at home so they win.
Eagles 17 Jaguars 13

Seattle @ Kansas City
Seattle sucks at home so I’m sure they’re going to suck more on the road.
Chiefs 27 Seahawks 7

San Francisco @ Chicago
Chicago is prime for an upset and the 49ers. Since I’ve been burned so much on upsets like this I’m gonna call this. 49ers win this because the Bears almost lost to the damn Cards. Ugh
49ers 24 Bears 13

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants
I gotta believe the Giants will run away with this. But what the hell do I know.
Giants 21 Bucs 10

St. Louis @ San Diego
A very intriguing game. San Diego plays awesome at home so my gut tells me that the Chargers will lead the game. But what the hell is wrong with the Chargers? I mean they should be undefeated right now. Especially since how they were so good last year and still didn’t make the playoffs.
Chargers 35 Rams 31

Indianapolis @ Denver
Broncos are a monster. 7 points given up this year? That’s just crazy and even with Peyton coming into town, I think they might score 14 but that’s it.
Broncos 24 Colts 14

NY Jets @ Cleveland
Cleveland is actually pretty good in passing defense. I didn’t know that. Hmmm
Jets 20 Browns 17

Pittsburgh @ Oakland
Oh good lord. I would hope that Pittsburgh wins this.
Steelers 30 Raiders 10

Dallas @ Carolina
Carolina is another one of those teams that cant figure out what they want to be. One week they’ll destroy their opponent and the next they’ll lose to whoever. Dallas is struggling so I would imagine that they would suck it up.
Panthers 27 Cowboys 21

New England @ Minnesota
I got to imagine that ESPN is going to pump the whole “praise to lord Brady” bit but this is an interesting game. Vikes have proven that they’re good against the run and defense in general and all the drunken vikes fans will be there. I’m gonna call a vikes victory seeing as they’ve been playing well even with that loss to the bears. Go vikes!
Vikings 23 Patriots 20

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