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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plugged Ears Bits

A piece of the action, pieces of gold
Everyone's paid well and does what they're told
For the simple daughter of a simple man

-Honestly, I couldn’t believe all the news commotion for Cory Lidle. I know the main story was that a plane hit a 50 story high rise in NYC but after that I don’t understand. For one, if 2 (or was it 4) people died in NYC, why do I care being in Minnesota? Also, if they’re trying to put a 9/11 spin on this, it’s really, really stretching. Then the Cory Lidle thing makes the story a bit of a story but it’s not like he was Daryl Kile or anything. Yes, it’s tough because he had a wife and kid but if that’s it, then who outside of NYC and his former fans would really care? There are so many stories where a dad dies and leaves his family that don’t involve baseball players, so why should we care about this one just because a guy plays baseball? What about a janitor or a department head? No one outside the department would care then.

They were thinking of canceling the ALCS game 2 because of this. Why?

-That being said, I think the Tigers totally have this thing in the bag. National League is basically irrelevant at this point.

-It’s pretty cool that the place we hiked (just outside of Finland, MN) is going to get 3” of snow today. Supposedly. That would suck especially since I lost my polar fleece pants on the trail. Oh well, I guess I have to buy a better, cooler, warmer pair of polar fleece pants.

-Does anyone have any good recommendations for shavers? Electric or disposable blade? I’m ready to start using something else but I don’t know what.

-I must say, I’ve been to a strip joint before but of all the times that I’ve been to one, not once have I gotten ran over by a car causing me to shoot my gun in the air 5 times for self defense. Then again, I’m not a forward for the Pacers either.

Maybe next time that happens though. Who knows.

-Someone asked me about the lamest sports logos and I would have to say that the: titans, Broncos, Falcons, almost every NBA logo, and a lot of the newish NHL logos. Basically new=bad because they lack character.

-both my ears are plugged now. Aright this reminds me when I started my job. I just got back from backpacking in Sequoia National Park and I caught a cold in the process. When I catch colds, my ears plug up so I’m a bit of an idiot for a week or so giving out weird responses to questions and conversations. For instance,

“Tom, do you know where my coffee went?”
Me: Oh, okay. Hahahah

And they just look at me like an idiot. It’s only when both ears are plugged when you start to figure out who the soft talkers are and who the clear, awesome, loud talkers are. Go to hell you soft talkers!

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