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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Superior Hiking Trail '06

And into the fire
I'm reunited
Into the fire
I am the spark

We did it again, we attempted to hike a 11 mile portion of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT). The weather was right, the leaves had changed (and fallen), and we had all submitted our fantasy football roster (still didn't matter for me though, my team sucks). This year hiking the SHT was absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures of our trip.

This was our planned hike. Crosby Manitou state park was our goal.
This was the first couple steps of the trail. How cool is that?
Like I said, the colors had changed. This first stretch of the trail had a lot of these maples.
We finally made it to camp at Egge Lake. Since there was a clear sky at 10pm, we decided to sleep under the stars because it's cool and we're too lazy to set up a tent.
This is Egge Lake. I had this vision that a camp full of hotties were at the North campsite on the other end of the lake. We saw some lights from there but the next morning we found out that there's one of them expensive "cabins" (aka: expensive home with a green roof).
The trail had numerous bridges like this whenever it was needed.
This was "old trapper's cabin" which was located just outside of Egge Lake. This would be a pretty cool cabin...if it didn't of caved in.
Sonju Lake: There was actually a beautiful campsite located right next to this lake. We didnt' camp there because we had only hiked about 2 miles from the last campsite but it would be excellent for a campfull of hotties. This Sonju Lake campsite also had this awesome boardwalk that led to an island where you could see all of the lake.
All the campsites had a latrine like this. How would you like to poop in this? What's weird about pooping in the woods is that you're not confined in a stall but out in the wide open. I remember when I went backpacking in the Superstition Mountains (east of Phoenix) I pooped on the side of this mountain and had the best pooping view ever.

I just thought you all should know that.
The second night we came to this fantastic campsite just on edge of a couple streams. As you can see there's a bench next to the firepit, the firepit, and then where there should be a bench there's a stream which makes for one of the best campsites I have ever been to.
This is the other main stream right next to camp. For as beautiful as this campsite was, it constantly makes you want to piss with all the flowing water sounds.
That night we started messing around with our digital cameras playing around with the daily settings and all. I thought I would start taking pictures of Teal and Harrison looking at his camera and trying to figure it out. I love this picture!
This is the full moon that night. I don't know if this is cool or not. I guess it could be the last sight of a baby just before they come out of their mommy.
That night we slept outside again to clear skies. Teal woke us up at 4am because he felt raindrops and then they stopped. I woke everyone up at 6am because I felt raindrops and then they stopped. For those who don't sleep outside much, when it rains and you're sleeping, for some reason the first reaction is to pull the sleeping bag over your face as if that's the end all/say all to any problem going on...including rain. We actually had to wake up in the middle of the night last year to move all our crap to a nearby tarp so we wouldn't sleep soaking wet.
Look how cool this trail is.
We finished a day earlier than expected. We could've ran through this trail with how flat it was.
We had some extra time and we heard good things about this loop.
The loop was awesome. This is Teal looking at Lake Superior...or some hottie's ass.
I don't know what lake this is but it was on display from Oberg Mountain. Notice how it's surrounded by pines (hey, I think that's cool at least).
On the way back we stopped at Betty's Pies which is a favorite north shore restaurant. There was a table of old people behind us and they managed to knock this thing off the window. It landed on this old lady and everyone at the table was completely stunned. Everyone in that particular area of the restaurant was gawking as if someone just got stabbed about eleven times but it was just some stupid crap on the window.
Here's some food porn for you. I had the Great Lakes Crunch which was excellent
Teal had the French Blueberry Cream or something and I think he liked it.

Overall I had a blast this year on the trail. The terrain was absolutely beautiful and everything seemed to work out. When I came home I actually had a bit of withdrawel because I really wanted to go back and sleep outside. I highly recommend that everyone go out and check out this trail up north. Don't worry, all the campsites and the trail is free.


Barry Metropolis said...

Man, do I want to go there. It looks freaking awesome. The North Shore is great. How far from Grand Marais is that? A buddy of mine lives up there.

Aliecat said...

Who's butt was that in the bench pic? Cuz I likes the butt pics...