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Friday, October 13, 2006

Week 6 Picks

I am a poor wayfaring stranger
Travelling through this world of woe
There's no sickness, toil or danger
In that bright land to which I go

The Daunte era is over. At least for my flailing Colostomy Crushers that is. Daunte had a memorable week two when he threw a touchdown pass…in garbage time. Also in week 3 when he passed for a touchdown…also in garbage time. I think my favorite Daunte moment was when he was benched for…JOEY GOD DAMN HARRINGTON.

Good god.

Now if my Colostomy Crushers could play half as well as my pics, I would be money.

Last week, haha last week I went…..
Forget those phony ads on the radio for pics, I have the right pics, and they’re free

Which makes my overall mark to 54-19 (I would be a millionaire!)

Buffalo @ Detroit
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Detroit wins their first game of the season right here. I don’t know who’s injured or who is even on the Lions but I just have a good feeling about this
Lions 17 Bills 13

Carolina @ Baltimore
This will come down to defenses and if that’s the case, I think Baltimore’s prison gangbanger defense will out perform the Carolina “captain america” defense. Or whatever
Ravens 24 Panthers 13

Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay
About as good as a preseason game
Bengals 31 Bucs 10

Houston @ Dallas
Please, please get the ball to TO for the love of god. Dallas has this in the bag man
Cowboys 27 Texans 20

NY Giants @ Atlanta
I’m going to say the Falcons win this because why not? Eli is playing in a big scary dome and that calls for a loss
Falcons 23 Giants 17

Philadelphia @ New Orleans
If only McNabb could get one decent receiver healthy. He’d be passing for 400 yards instead of the measly 300 that he normally puts up. I like this game though. I think it will be close.
Eagles 33 Saints 28

Seattle @ St. Louis
Interesting. I’d pick St. Louis but my hatred toward the Seahawks is now over so I’m going seahawks from now on.
Seahawks 31 Rams 24

Tennessee @ Washington
Tennessee bores me. I’ll never pick them again unless they play Oakland.
Redskins 35 Titans 17

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh has to be pissed being 1-3 or whatever. I think Pittsburgh runs away with this because they’re mad and going to let everyone have it.
Steelers 23 Chiefs 21

Miami @ NY Jets
This is why I got Chad Pennington, so I don’t have to watch Jake Delhomme suck it up this weekend. Too bad they both have the same bye week.
Jets 31 Dolphins 20

San Diego @ San Francisco
I think this may be a little closer than the british tabloids would have you believe. I think the Chargers, with Antonio Gates, will win though.
Chargers 21 49ers 20

Oakland @ Denver
I’m almost tempted to play Rod Smith but I know they will run the ball like mad. So all I know is that Oakland sucks so Denver wins.
Broncos 30 Radiers suck

Chicago @ Arizona
This is the Monday night game? Good god. What a bunch of crappy games for a Sunday and Monday night.
Bears 20 Cards 0

There ya go. Now I’ll probably follow up that awesome 13-1 week with a 1-12 week.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Pennington got me NEGATIVE points last week. NEGATIVE. How does a QB get you NEGATIVE points? Oh wait, ask Jake Plummer. Yeah. Great.

Aliecat said...

You're Blog of the Day again on the City Pages. I think this is the 4th time for you. Seriously, who are you sleeping with over there?

Eric Wormann said...

We should have done a fantasty football league. I'm in two leagues, and it's just not enough. I would have raped you.

My prediction:
Washington 78, Tennessee 0

Boof said...

pfff no one's gonna rape anyone. I would of obliterated you.

Eric Wormann said...

I would have picked an all 40+ team. Jeff George...Morten would have been beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you learned? You NEVER bet on the Lions--they'll always do just enough to screw you over!