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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bits, Picks, and Happy Thanksgiving

Who was only a stranger at home
Who was ground down in the end
Who was found dead on the phone
Who was dragged down by the stone

A ton to write about so here’s a bunch of everything

-Michael Richards
Woah, I honestly think he was in the middle of three things: 1) trying to show the heckler a lesson 2) completely cracking 3) showing a subconscious racist side to himself. I think the blow up is more shocking than the racial outbursts (and not by much either) I mean seeing a guy completely crack on stage is quite the weird thing.

I did find one person who found it funny. My Mom, when talking about the incident, couldn’t help but to double over and try to explain it to me. It was one of those situations where you laugh because someone else finds something so ridiculously funny. She says,
“It’s funny because he’s calling everyone a n**** and there’s an audience full of black people! Bwahahahhahahahahah I mean who does that in front of that audience? Aaaahahahhahahaha”

Somehow I found that kinda funny.

Richard’s apology on the Late Show, I felt, was honest and a little weird for the type of venue. I mean has anyone ever seen Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards that serious? The audience didn’t even know how to react with Kramer being so serious. They laughed at parts and Seinfeld had to scold the audience (which is oddly funny). Plus he said “afro Americans” and that’s kind of funny coming from Kramer.

Although it is interesting how everyone that appeared on Seinfeld is completely type cast. From the Wiz to the soup Nazi to Puddy, everyone is known for their role on Seinfeld. They all are known better for their character name than their real name.

Although Kramer will forever be Stanley Spidowski or the Bow Tie Killer to me.

Being a huge Twins fan it may surprise you that I’ve always though that Jeter should be the MVP. With that saying I’m not going to argue with Justin Morneau winning the award. Here’s my reasoning.

You can’t compare the stats because they play two completely different positions and have two completely different roles in their line-up. Derek Jeter is a really really good table setter/base stealer/guy who will score runs for the heavy hitters coming up. Justin Morneau is a cleanup hitter batting 5th because they want to split up the Mauer and Morneau with a right handed hitter. Basically comparing stats is apple and oranges as far as I’m concerned.

But the one debate is how many games would their teams lose without them. No doubt that each team would lose more games but I would be willing to say the Yankees would lose more games because of the loss of the table setting role and the speed that Jeter brings not to mention his play at shortstop. See look at the White Sox, they had Thome, Konerko, and Dye all in a row and although you have a ton of power there is barely any speed in that part of the line up. Frank Thomas showed how many runs he can cost in game 1 of the ALDS whenever he was on base by almost getting thrown out at first from right field and not being able to score from 2nd (and yes I know he hit two solo shots). So without Jeter, I can see the Yankees just having a bunch of fat asses in Giambi, Abreu, Sheffield, Matsui and having no running game.

Where as the Twins would definitely struggle but I think they would find a couple (only a couple) more wins than the Yankees.

-With that being I have to argue with a lot of the sportswriters view that Morneau was the 3rd best player on the team. I admit he’s at least the 2nd best with Santana but he’s got the Cy Young anyway, which is a pretty damn good award in itself. Joe Mauer is the guy that everyone says is more valuable than Mauer and I have to disagree. Mauer is a better hitter but he doesn’t affect the lineup nearly as much as Morneau does. Just ask Michael Cuddyer (who had a phenomenal year with 100RBI’s, 100 Runs, .284 BA) who was transformed into a damn good hitter and Hunter who hit over 30HR despite missing a month. They were given good pitches because of Justin Morneau’s presence in the lineup. Morneau was that threat that the Twins always needed and the whole lineup had career years which were at least partly helped by Justin Morneau.

Mauer was indeed a great hitter and possibly even a better catcher but I doubt he had more of an effect on the lineup than Morneau had. Michael Redmond played almost twice a week in Mauer’s place and still batted .350.

So Justin Morneau is deserving of the award despite what a lot of others like to say. He’s just not a notable name yet.

-Growing up with my mom making the food for Thanksgiving I always wondered why she never made stuffing. All those years I had my eyes locked on to the mashed potatoes and gravy and it never occurred to me that we never had stuffing at our table.
I asked my mom about this the other day.

Mom with a scowl: ugh, stuffing. I hate stuffing. Just the texture and the other crap. Just…bleh. It’s like a bowl of puke and…yuck. Why?
Boof: Well, I was curious and I kinda like stuffing.
Mom stares at Boof in an incredulous look
Mom: WHAT?
Boof: Do you really hate it that much?
Mom nods
Both staring at each other: (blink:blink) HOW CAN YOU [NOT] LIKE STUFFING!?
Mom: You don’t like nuts but you like stuffing? What the hell?

Later on my dad comes in.
Boof: Did you know that Mom never made stuffing because she doesn’t like it?
Dad: yeah, that sounds about right
Boof: do you like stuffing?
Dad preoccupied hunched over the mail: nope
He then stops and looks back at me: Why? Do you?
Boof: well, yeah.
He then stops what he’s doing and steps in the living room: You like stuffing?
Mom: I know! I can’t believe it.

It was like a thanksgiving edition of “coming out of the closet”. I can’t believe they feel that passionately against stuffing. I wonder if my brother secretly likes the stuff as much as I do. They’d probably disown us.

After years of ignoring what isn't on the table and focusing on the mashed potatoes and gravy (I swear, if I should receive a big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy for Christmas it would be the best Christmas ever).

So I need to put in my picks for this week since I’m not going to be able to come on until Friday and I’m busy on Friday. Here goes nothing.

Last week I went 8-8 because who the hell could’ve guessed that the damn Colts would lose and the Titans would beat the Eagles. I did manage to correctly guess the Redskins/Bucs score so that’s pretty cool.

Overall I’m 100-58

Miami over the Lions
Dallas over Tampa
Denver over KC because the Broncos have to be pissed after that Chargers game
Carolina beats Washington because the Redskins suck and the Panthers defense is coming around
New England beats Chicago because I will never go against a AFC team playing any NFC team
Cleveland beats Cincinnati because I the Browns have a good passing defense
Jets beat Houston
Buffalo beats Jacksonville
New Orleans beats Atlanta
Tennessee over the NY Giants NFC/AFC matchup (see above)
Indianapolis beats Philly because….NFC sucks and most notably the Eagles
Baltimore beats Pittsburgh
Rams beat the 49ers
Chargers over the Raiders (what a joke)
Seattle over the Packers
Arizona beats the Vikings because the Vikings are the most boring fucking team in the history of the god damn world. Their play calling is predictable and why the hell do they go for it on 4th and 1 at their on 30 yard line in the 2nd quarter? Good god. I can totally see Boldin and Leinert blowing up for 300 yards against this boring ass team

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day! I've got no problem with Morneau winning the MVP, but why didn't Punto get a vote?
P.S. Stuffing rocks!!