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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

decisions, decisions

Large fingers pushing paint.
You're god and you've got big hands.
Colors blend.
The challenges you give man.

Going to my Aunt’s as a family or me and my bro driving separate
Pro with driving separate: We don’t have to deal with our parents because my dad just got this new truck with all the bells and whistles and he and my mom like to go out of his way to use these whistles and bells. FOR INSTANCE, this new truck comes with a DVD player and my mom actually admitted to me that she has bought and has purposely watched movies in the truck just to use the DVD player. No one will be even driving the vehicle but she’ll be inside the parked truck using the DVD player.

(blink:blink) and yet she refuses to use my DVD player for her own tv because she “already has a VCR”.

Good lord, I will never understand old people and their refusal for technology.

Also a pro about this is that my bro and I will have a getaway car for when my dad has this need to talk and talk…and talk so my bro and I can just say bye and sprint out to the car. For some reason I believe it to be really weird to be driving as a family to places because it seems so “loser-riffic” like when will it stop? Will my bro and I be 50 and 52 riding with our 120 year old parents down to Milwaukee?


Con: Being a graduate in natural resources and on the local environmental commission, it’s a real thorn ot the side of me to use another vehicle just for the sake of using it. I mean it is carpooling and I’m 100% in favor of carpooling even when it’s with people you don’t necessarily want to carpool with.
Also I actually kinda do want to see all the bells and whistles of the new truck. Perhaps if Mom is sitting in the passenger seat we could slap in a porn and she would never know. Or I could bring legit movies. Hmmm. Or I could sleep since we’re leaving at 7am.

Australian Pink Floyd concert
Pro of going: I get to see some awesome Pink Floyd music. The though goes: The actual Pink Floyd is so old that the though of seeing a decent show is slim seeing as their 65, not actually together with Roger Waters, and not actually together. So why not see a bunch of 30 year olds playing the same songs with the lasers, lights, and actual decent singing voices. Also they might play the entire Wish You Were Here album which would be epic as hell!
Con: They still are a cover band and the idea of paying $40 for a cover band is kind of sickening. Plus I don’t have anyone to go with, which isn’t a big problem seeing as I usually go to a lot of concerts by myself (who else would go see Bryan Adams with me). Of course there is the thing that I may not be able to score tickets being this late in the swing of things.

This guy who wont stop talking to me
Pro of yelling at him: I could get him the crap away from me so I can continue doing other things and not have to listen to him talking about his kid or his damn fuel injector gasket (or whatever). It would also make me feel good in a King-Kong-aggressive-alpha-male type of way. There’s always something exhilarating to telling someone to “shut the fuck up and get the hell out of here”.
Con: I don't want to hurt his feelings and perhaps he just needs to vent. Of course it's not my job to make sure everyone is venting but I sure would like a person to vent to every now and then...wait, I have this blog to do that so screw him!

Here’s what I think will actually happen,
I’ll go with my parents because I’m too lazy to drive and I’d rather sleep with all the bells and whistles
I’ll also forgo the concert because I don’t want to make the effort.
The guy has already left so I don’t have to tell him to shut the crap up.

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