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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


How could she say to me,
love will find a way.
Gather round all you clowns,
let me hear you say

I’m trying to start up a mini diet just to change my lifestyle a little bit. I guess the main thing is that I’m drinking waaaaay too much coke and I blame that on Buffalo Wild Wings and how they have all the different NFL games on Sunday…oh and the waitresses that seem to refill your glass of pop after every sip. Anyway I figure if I drink only 12 ounces of pop a day, that should cut my caloric intake by… 500 calories (or something).

The real problem I’m having is the eating right thing. Before this mini diet, I would eat whatever I’m hungry for (usually burgers, pizza, subs, anything with a lot of fat in it) and now that I’m trying my healthier foods deal, it’s kinda hard. The first real sign of problems was when I went out of my way to cook myself some rice and tuna…and ate it…and thought, “wow, that tastes like a whole lot of nothing. Because I didn’t satisfy my apatite, I feel like eating some more.” and I had that crave to eat more.

I have this desire to go to the grocery store and, like a vegan, actually but fruits and vegetables and other stuff with green leaves then I’d cook said items into a nice entrée, and then actually like it. See, after I usually stumble around and make the food, I’m always disappointed because it doesn’t taste like anything.

For instance, salad, to me it’s like eating paper until you put the dressing on there (the most fattening part of salad) and then it tastes like dressing on paper. What do I do to make it taste better without making it more fattening? And why should I feel compelled to buy organic paper, prepare it, and then make it into a nice Tupperware container for work? I know the obvious answer is “because I’d be eating right, dummy” but I need more than that and advice.

With that, does anyone know any easy, healthy recipes that taste good? Like popcorn and beef jerky are great because they’re low calorie and taste great. I need more things like beef jerky and popcorn and then I’ll buy pallet loads of the shit.

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Aliecat said...

Iceburg always tastes like paper, try spinich. And with tuna, if it's the steak, try rubbing some olive oil on it and buy the jasmine rice. You can also make some mighty fine pizza with the store bought flat breads, and there's a hundred million things you can do with chicken. Also, you can never go wrong with dabbing some tobasco on everything!