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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Five Bits

But the lie goes creepin down down down
But we were sleeping
Suddenly we hit the ground

-I want to thank everyone for emails and comments for the healthy recipes and ideas. Perhaps I’ll go out and buy a whole pallet load of chicken and Tabasco sauce. Yogurt has also been my friend recently.

-MLB hall of fame voting is coming into the news and my feelings on Mark McGuire is that he SHOULDN’T go in until he admits something. Like Pete Rose, all McGuire has to do is have some sort of a tearful goodbye along with spilling everything that he did (and not necessarily what everyone else did) and the sportswriters and fans will be giving him a collective BJ in his garage of happiness.
The thing McGuire has going for him is his character (and that he’s white…kidding, kidding kinda) and everyone remembers how nice of a guy he was.
With that being said a lot of people use the “well, it wasn’t illegal at the time so what exactly did he do wrong?” and if that’s true then why doesn’t he use that excuse and point the gun back on Selig? I mean it seems like an honest response and I would think it would take the heat off him. If he actually used steroids, then just fess up because everyone is treating him like he used them anyway.
Then you get voted in the hall based on the sympathy vote.

-Sugartits recommended this show awhile back and I agree, Man Vs. Wild is a completely awesome show. The dude’s gotta survive five days in some sort of wilderness area. While he’s trying to survive he’s giving out tips about survival in eating weird things around him. One of the coolest things I saw was he killed this rattlesnake and cooked it over an open fire. The snake looked sooooo damn good.
Another show I saw him spear this salmon and then eat it like an apple. That looked good too! It made me want to go fishing with a spear!

-How to tell if your athletic program has had better times:
When being in the big ten, your football and basketball teams almost and do lose to a AA team.
When your basketball team loses three in a row to: Marist, S. Illinois, and Montana in a tournament no less
When the teams that beat you win with a Minnesotan shooting and they were never recruited by Minnesota.

-Whenever someone says "douchebag" it's instantly funny. Douchebag has been added to the category where "crackwhore" and farting where it's funny everytime.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, easy on the Red Foxes - they have had their up and down's not like playing, oh, say SW State or anything like that...