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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hello From Iraq

I done most anything,
keep 'em doin' anything 'cause
Sometimes I just wanna do nothin'

The other day before I went to work, I received one of the most shocking messages ever. Usually when I have a voice message on my work phone it’s either someone who doesn’t understand that I work in the afternoon, someone who has the wrong number, or something’s wrong and they decide to call me.
So I access my messages

You have one message…
New message…”Hey Tom this is J from (company), I’m just here in Iraq and I was just wondering how you were doing. I’ll try back again later sometime. Bye”

I nearly dropped my phone. J was a worker of mine from the summer of ‘05 and he was a decent fellow who worked hard and I would joke around with him. Still, we were nothing more than acquaintances and I didn’t think I would ever see him again. I knew he went to Iraq with his buddy and I just took things as a “people come and go” type of deal.

This message though, took me away because J apparently took my number to Iraq and then decided to call to shoot the breeze and I’m sure phone calls don’t happen all the time for the soldiers. What makes me feel guilty about it is that I missed the call and--even if I was home--I would’ve said ‘eh, I’m not at work so I’m not answering it’ and that would’ve made me pretty sad.

Even if I was there I can’t imagine I would be all “there” while talking to him. I can imagine myself thinking about where he’s calling from and knowing that there’s a bunch of people that want to kill him and his company. And with that being, I think the usual, “So, how’s it going?” seems a little degrading or maybe I’m just being a little too dramatic.

I mean if I was making the call I would probably blow up at my mom knowing her phone calls,

Mom: Tommy, how’s Iron?
Me: It’s Iraq mom, and it’s going about as well as things can go around here.
Mom: I got some more mail for you. You want me to throw it away?
Me: baaah, no! What is it?
Mom: Publisher’s……sweep…
Me: Throw it away
Mom: but I also have something from T-mobile
Me: aarrrrrrrgh keep that!
Mom: we’ll I’ll just put everything in a little basket over here
Me: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Is dad there?

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