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Monday, November 13, 2006


Hesitate when I feel I may do harm to her.
Wash it off cause this feeling we can share.
And I know she's reached my heart in thin air.

It was like nothing else, maybe being fucked by a freight train, maybe having you’re fingers cut off one-by-one, or it was like listening to Andrew W.K. in a padded room.
Needless today it was a humbling experience.

No, I’m not talking about the Packers beating the Vikings in the metrodome although that’s a humbling experience in itself. No, I have to say that the President’s Cup is not in my possession.

Crap List
1. Doing pretty well in fantasy but not quite reaching Hog’s watermark of excellence.
It’s 9pm on Sunday night and I have 102 points which is excellent. I would probably defeat 90% of any team playing me.
Hog, on the other hand, has 131 points which is tops in the league…for the year.


131 points. I even had two guys in that ludicrous Chargers/Bengals game except it was the most worthless players in Kaeding and Gates. Everyone else and their grandma scored at least 3 touchdowns in that game.

102 points and not even within twenty points of the lead. Good god.
So the past 12 hours I’ve held a steady regimin of crying and masterbating (and sometimes both) just to wash the pain away, but it wont go away.

Baaaah, I lost to Hog! Oh the humanity

2. The intersection of I94 and I694
Basically there’s an on/off ramp that’s about 5 yards and if you need to get on this ramp and there’s about, say 6-18 wheelers all in a row, well, you have no chance. It’s like the smokey and the bandit semi wall from hell. Basically I’ve had to eat the exit and get off at the next ramp which is about a mile away because there’s no way I’m going to whip in and out of a semi. I’ve seen people do it and that’s not my cup of mocha chino (or whatever).

3. The thought of going back to school again
I’m really tinkering hard on going back to school again. I found a subject that really tickles my fancy and I want to know more about it. Still the 20000000% yearly tuition hikes and the $1.5M they’re paying that worthless football coach really turn me off.
The though of school excites me though (for some reason). I’m thinking that building design may be something that I can truly enjoy and the different aspects that go into it really intrigue me.

But then again, this might be a flavor of the month type of thing. Who knows.

But anyway, GOD DAMN YOU HOG. Ugh 102 points with a loss. geez

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Anonymous said...

It could be worse--you could have benched Philip Rivers for Tom Brady and started Mike Furrey over Donte Stallworth and lost by one point while you left 101 points on the bench!