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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Review of the Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD

To stand divided we will surely fall
Until our darkest hour
When the light will save us all

(update 7/5/07 Just curious, what link is bringing you all to this entry)

I like to laugh at “fan boys” if nothing else but their severe nerdyness. I’ve never been one to associate with such nerd-dom and have stayed out of all Star Trek conversations. I was so NOT a fan boy that I never saw Star Wars until 1998 and I usually don’t care for most science fiction. The only chink in my fan boy armor has been the Transformers to which I fell in love with when I was 5. With that being, I’m proud to be a Transformers fan boy and I’d still sucker punch an autistic kid if he were holding a Rodimus Prime transformer in his/her hand

Now I want to talk about a movie that I really, really like. A movie that me and my brother grew up on. A movie that we taped off of the TV and missed the first ten minutes and we did whatever we could looking through 3 years of TV guides to find and tape those first ten minutes.

I’m talking about The Transformers: The Movie which was one of the highlights of my childhood. That dubbed vhs copy taped from channel 9 was pretty much worn out in a matter of 3 years because all we would do is watch that movie--over and over. I remember my brother and I rocking out to the cassette soundtrack whenever our parents would dare leave us home on a Saturday night. I remember thinking that Stan Bush was a rock god (Stan Bush sings the ‘You Got the Touch’ song which appears in the movie). This movie was what I was living for.

Of course twenty years later I know and can find all the inconsistencies and flat-out mistakes in the movie but I don’t care. This movie still has a nice warm place in my heart and no one can take that away from me.

The movie was finally released on DVD yesterday for it’s 20th anniversary. The past five years I have been burning the crap out of this Canadian bootleg release of the movie to which it’s very ghetto. The ghetto movie contains an interview of the soundtrack producer and the interview looks like it was taken in a Kmart bathroom.

When I went to Circuit City at 11am to buy this I found only 3 copies left and this nerdy fan boy almost ate my hand off when I reached for one of the three copies.
“I hope this has more stuff on it than the last edition had.” said the nerdy fan boy
“uh yeah. I think it has more stuff on it.” replied the very manly me
“I’ve been waiting for this for the last couple years. I can’t wait for the Michael Bay movie next year.”
“uh yeah. I can’t either.” and then I walked away as fast as I could. I don’t know why I treated him like that but it just didn’t seem like the time and place to come out with my fanboyedness. Plus, the kid looked like a creep and I had bad gas so I had to get away.

The DVD has a little more than the Canadian bootleg I have. It’s got some deleted scenes which aren’t terrible cool, there’s some old US and Japanese commercials which are really cool, and then there’s the commentaries. The commentaries are of the director and another with webmasters of current bigtime Transformers websites.

I especially enjoyed the beginning of webmasters commentary with out they point out all the mistakes and what they felt when they watched the movie as a kid. I thought the comment on the Autobot’s Perceptor was funny,
“Here you are in the middle of intergalactic war and this guy turns into a friggen microscope.” which I never thought of before but it was a funny ass point. Also why does Megatron turn into a little wussy gun? Every Transformer has it’s own gun so it seems a little redundant that a damn transformer turns into a gun. At least Galvatron turned into a really big gun.

I also enjoyed the commentary about animated movies during 1985. At this time there was pretty much only Disney movies and little kid movies out until Transformers came along. It was shocking for an animated cartoon to show death on a big screen and it’s even more interesting to know that the movie, with all the death --and swearing, it was still a PG movie.

I did manage to see a featurette of 2007 Transformers live action movie which is already highly anticipated (not by me though). In the featurette Michael Bay tells how making this movie gives him the same goosebumps he had when he was making Armageddon.


I can’t believe he said that.

Anyway it’s worth the $13 I spent on it.


Aliecat said...

Bad gas....hahaha!

Forest Parks said...


Just did a quick review of the ne live action Transformers and found your quick review of the old one so linked to it here.

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