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Friday, November 10, 2006

Week 10 Picks

I swear I recognize your breath.
Memories, like fingerprints, are slowly raising.
Me you wouldn't recall for I'm not my former.
It's hard when your stuck upon the shelf.

I believe since we started doing the President’s Cup in 2004, we’ve played 5 times and I’ve won 4. I mean it’s pretty sad actually that we’re trading a imaginary cup to which hasn’t left my lair in two years but whatever.

Hog, I will crush you once again. I don’t care how many points you’ve scored or Ladanian Tomlinson, or your damn 7-2 record. I’m still gonna beat ya ass.

Last week I went 10-4 which is good--I’m back on track. And overall I’m 82-45.

Baltimore @ Tennessee
Tennessee is the team that I look at every week and hope that I have fantasy players playing against them. This week I don’t but I gotta think that Tennessee could be on offense all day and still lose by 20. I would like to see that actually.
Ravens 28 Titans6

Buffalo @ Indianapolis
Seeing as Buffalo has no running game, the Colts will blow them away.
Colts 45 Bills 20

Chicago @ NY Giants
That Bears game last week was one hell of a turn off. I mean I know the media is all crazy for them and Brian Urlacker is king of everything but you lost by more than ten to the dolphins? You lost to Joey Harrington! I’m sorry, that’s not worthy of me picking them anymore. Yuck
Giants 24 Bears 13

Cleveland @ Atlanta
Then what the hell is up with the Falcons losing to the Lions? Good lord that’s crap. I actually think the Browns will win this game just because I gotta pick an upset somewhere in the bunch.
Browns 28 Falcons 21

Houston @ Jacksonville
This is the classic upset game according to how these last 4 weeks have gone. It seems as though Jacksonville should obliterate the Texans like I’m going to obliterate Hog, but there’s something really fishy about this game.

Kansas City @ Miami
I can’t believe that Joey Harrington could win his second game in a row on the road. I just wont believe it. It just can’t happen.
Chiefs 33 Dolphins 20

New Orleans @ Pittsburgh
As a luke warm Steelers fan, I have to say it quite the crappy deal that the steelers suck so back. But because I’m a lukewarm steelers fan, I don’t care THAT much so it’s all good. For that matter I’m actually hoping the Saints win because they’re my new flavor of the month.
Saints 24 Steelers 21

NY Jets @ New England
I got to think the Patriots win this game. I did have a good time listening to the Pats/Colts game last week. I unplugged the center speaker on my 5.1 and it cuts out ridiculous John Madden and annoying Al Michaels so all I heard was the PA announcer and the fans. Those fans like to swear, it was really cool.
Pats 27 Jets 17

San Diego @ Cincinnati
Bengals suck. I thought they were going to be killin this year but no. Bengals still suck.
Chargers 30 Bengals 17

San Francisco @ Detroit
I don’t even want to think of how stupid this game is. I guess I’m going to pick the Lions because they’re playing at home but then there is the whole Matt Millen factor which could automatically make the 49ers win (or any other team for that matter).
Lions 23 49ers 3

Washington @ Philadelphia
If Donavon McNabb throws for 350 yards, he should be the MVP.
Eagles 24 Redskins 20

Denver @ Oakland
Broncos 35 Raiders 13

Dallas @ Arizona
Dallas rolls
Cowboys 27 Cards 7

St. Louis @ Seattle
Rams are pissed about the last time these guys played so I’m thinking a complete whoopin is in order.
Rams 30 Seahawks 24

Tampa Bay @ Carolina
Steve Smith will blow up.
Panthers 27 Bucs 16

Green Bay @ Minnesota
The Vikings fans wont be shy about booing when/if the Vikings end up sucking it up. If the Vikings continue with their boring style of dump offs and 2 yard gains then I don’t know if anyone will be around for the 4th quarter except those Favre followers. If the Vikings don’t win this, Brad Childress wont be taken seriously again.
Vikings 20 Packers 14

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