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Friday, November 17, 2006

week 11 picks

We never took quite enough chances
We never had quite enough time
I did about a thousand dances but
nothing would change your mind

I finished season 4. It was a marathon of DVD watching like nothing else since I went on that Sopranos 2 day bender. This time I didn’t feel forced to watch it but I was glued on it and I had to see what happens next. As I was watching it I realized that some of these episodes were so good that the 45minutes seemed to go by in like 5 minutes.

As for the picks. With all the upsets on a weekly basis, I feel awesome as hell to come out with a winning record and to pick upsets like the Atlanta/Cleveland game and almost pick the upset in the Houston/Jacksonville game.

Last week I went 10-5 (because I never put a prediction on that damn Houston/Jacksonville game…dammit)
Overall I’m 92-50 which is okay.

Atlanta @ Baltimore
Ugh…. Vick vs. that gangbanger defense…Ray lewis wins this because he’s on crack.
Ravens 24 Falcons 13

Buffalo @ Houston
The Texans seem to be on a roll and this game bores me so I’m picking the home team.
Texans 21 Bills 17

Chicago @ NY Jets
Hmmmm I want to say the Jets because they actually beat God’s Patriot team. But….I’m going Chicago because…just because.
Bears 17 Jets 3

Cincinnati @ New Orleans
Good god do the Bengals suck Kevin Jones’ ass. I mean they had a 300 point lead last week and they end up screwing it up. The Saints though seem like they could tear some ass in this game just because I don’t have any faith in that Bengals team. Give ‘em enough rope and they’ll certainly fuck things up.
Saints 30 Bengals 24

Indianapolis @ Dallas
The Colts remind me of a poor man’s ‘98 Vikings in that they’re not flashy but they have a really good offense with not much defense. They give up like 6 yards per carry for Chrissakes! Tony Romo though has a name that is thoroughly fun to say.
Colts 33 Cowboys 17

New England @ Green Bay
God’s team playing in God’s country. Hmmm You gotta bet that God will be watching this one.
Patriots 20 Packers 10

Oakland @ Kansas City
I actually think the Vikings made some wise decisions in getting rid of Moss and Culpepper looking back now. Moss would be lucky to go for half of what the Vikings got a couple years ago for him and Culpepper would be lucky to go for a 5th rounder.
Chiefs 37 Raiders 17

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
Cleveland is death at home. I’m going Cleveland in this one because I don’t trust a team playing the Browns in Cleveland
Browns 17 Steelers 14

St. Louis @ Carolina
Geez lets just invite Cincinnati and the Vikings in on this game and we can set up a tournament. The one thing about this tournament is how each team would do whatever they could to try to lose. It would entertaining in an inverse kinda way but I would pay a couple bucks to watch that.
Rams 24 Panthers 21

Tennessee @ Philadelphia
McNabb is going to pass for 1200 yard. Good Lord
Eagles 30 Titans 17

Washington @ Tampa Bay
Pfff Idunno, Bucs?
Bucs 20 Redskins 17

Detroit @ Arizona
My friends have this weird hatred for Kevin Jones because I’m sure he continues to screw someone out of points. Anyway someone made a comment about ‘Kevin Jones sucking so much that he eats his own ass’ or something. It was really funny so the other day I had to call a guy at work who had the exact same name. Luckily he didn’t answer because I couldn’t stop laughing and I really wanted to leave a message asking him how his ass tasted like. I figured that wasn’t very professional so I didn’t say that.
But I wanted to though!
Lions 12 Cards 9

Seattle @ San Francisco
Seahawks 31 49ers 14

San Diego @ Denver
Whoaaaaa mama, I’m gonna watch this and this should be an awesome game. I hope to god that LT scores, like, NO touchdowns and gains a whopping 20 yards total just to spite Hog and his damn Goodfellas. This is quite the intriguing game though because the only team that could cool off the Chargers would be the Broncos.
Chargers 21 Broncos 14

NY Giants @ Jacksonville
Pfff god damn Jacksonville, they should be in the NFC with how stupid they are. NY is no better because they seem to suck when you least expect it. I gotta go Giants because I don’t trust the Jags
Giants 24 Jags 13

Minnesota @ Miami
There is virtually nothing that gives me any confidence in the Vikings. When you play as badly and boring as the Vikings have, it’s a wonder how they beat Seattle a month ago. This team is so god damn boring that they might as well have church service inbetween plays just to liven things up a little. I hate to say it but I think Joey Harrington and Miami will and should win this.
Dolphins 17 Vikings 15

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