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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Week... I Can't Remember Picks

Get out of clothes time
Grow out those highlights
Come around now cant you see

Oh my picks are terrible lately.

Oh my stars they’re terrible! Last week I went 5-9 so the past couple weeks I’m like 10-140 and I completely and utterly suck.

Ugh… Overall I’m 72-41 geeez and it was looking so good before.

Atlanta @ Detroit
Good lord, they’re really going to play this game? Michael Vick has been doing awesome this week.
Falcons 34 Lions 10

Cincinnati @ Baltimore
I came into this season thinking that the Bengals would be out scoring everyone 50-10 with constant touchdown passes to ocho cinco and houchamanrussia. Then when the defense gets all spread out they could hand off to rudi and he’d run for 200 yards for the touchdown. Nah, the bengals, they indeed suck.
Ravens 15 Bengals 12

Dallas @ Washington
See now that Dallas is surprising everyone they’re due for an upset but see this is the game where TO starts burning everyone with a flamethrower and completely disrupting the Cowboys. Then the game will be forfeited because TO burnt everyone to a crisp and can’t play the game.
Redskins 34 Cowboys 31

Green Bay @ Buffalo
See I’m playing Donald Driver so I’m sure the Packers are going to suck it up. Basically that’s the way things have gone so I’m actually going to say Buffalo in this game. Hell yeah, good times.
Bills 24 Packers 13

Houston @ NY Giants
Tiki Barber destroys the Texans. I mean he has to right?
Giants 35 Texans 21

Kansas City @ St. Louis
See these are two other teams that just completely screw things up. Torry Holt and Larry Johnson…what the hell are they going to do? They both can’t be awesome nor can they both suck it up so I guess I gotta settle with the home team… actually I’m going Kansas City because they seem to be doing alright.
Chiefs 24 Rams 13

Miami @ Chicago
Joey Harrington Vs. the Bears defense. That’s comedy gold!
Bears 1200 Dolphins 0

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Saints…nothing else to say about that.
Saints 17 Bucs 10

Tennessee @ Jacksonville
Jacksonville runs all over the Titans. Hopefully it’s Drew-Parker-Prinze or whatever
Jaguars 27 Titans 21

Cleveland @ San Diego
This is a complete joke and the Chargers should roll.
Chargers 67 Browns 14

Denver @ Pittsburgh
Now how the hell can the Steelers lose to the Raiders? I mean good lord, it’s gotta be awful to be a Steelers fan and to have watched that. You go from world champs to losing to the damn Raiders. God damn.
Broncos 31 Steelers 28

Indianapolis @ New England
How’s this for a game? Basically this is the type of thing were some announcer spontaneously combusts while gushing over Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. It’s every white man’s dream.
Patriots 20 Colts 17

Oakland @ Seattle
Yuck. I’m definitely not going to be watching on Monday Night.
Seahawks 20 Raiders 14

Minnesota @ San Francisco
This reminds me of all those playoff games where the Vikings were stuck playing stupid Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and would always lose 50-0. I’m hoping Jerry Burns and Anthony Carter come out and thrash the damn 49ers and punish them for all those years of ass kicking.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the Colts/Pats game. i hope there's a mop in the booth to clean up all of the man-juice that will be spilled over Brady & Manning.

Eric Wormann said...

Is it baseball season yet?