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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Thinking how it used to be,
Does she still remember times like these?
To think of us again?
And I do.

I hate the BCS so I decided I’d try to have a working debate for each team and their reasoning to play Ohio State in the championship game.

Michigan had the better loss.
Ugh I absolutely hate it when people say something like “better loss” because it sounds so futile. Unfortunately the BCS does factor in the quality of loss (I believe) and if you want consider this then yes, losing to the best team in the country is better than losing to the 8th best. I think that’s grasping for straws whenever a team compares their loss record but whatever. I mean how pathetic is it when you have to compare losses to see who the better team is?

Florida had a tougher schedule
Florida had to play Arkansas twice, a bad Georgia team, Tennessee, Alabama, and FSU, and LSU to deal with while Michigan had…a joke of a Notre Dame team and Wisconsin which really isn’t much. Hell, I don’t even consider Notre Dame a top 25 team, so clearly Florida wins the schedule battle.
The thing is, strength of schedule is so much depending on luck anyway because if you play what is believed to be a damn good team and it turns out they suck. Well, you’re shit outta luck then.
For this argument, if you believe in Michigan then you fail to mention Boise State, who did manage a better record than Michigan, but they didn’t have the schedule to compete with anyone. Basically if Boise State has any dream of winning everything, then they might as well pack up and not play or go down a division just so they have a chance.

Michigan lost their chance when they played OSU
Ah… no, this is purely coincidence that the best team in the country is in the same conference and happen to be the main rival. Michigan did go to the horseshoe and give OSU a good game but it was a rivalry game in Columbus. As far as I’m concerned this was hardly the national championship game but more about pride and the Big Ten title. If the roles were reversed and Auburn ended up being the OSU this year, Florida would feel the same way.
I honestly don’t consider this to be more than Michigan losing to the #1 team then losing their chance. If they lost their chance then Florida lost their chance when they lost to Auburn. This isn’t boxing.

Basically I feel both Michigan and Florida (and I think Boise State ) should all have a chance at a national title. Reading what I just wrote, my bias is definitely coming out because I am a decent Big Ten backer and--sorry Steph--I’ve always hated Florida. Haha I’m sorry it just bugs me when someone with a huge southern accent says “gators”. It’s just like nails on a chalkboard to me.

But I really want Boise State to get in there somewhere. I hope to god Boise St. beats OK just so they can play and beat someone good and keep people guessing. Oh but since they’re not in the sexy conferences then they’re nothing but a mosquito way out west in flyover territory. Pfff whatever.

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I don't have a Southern accent. So phhhhhhhewy.