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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas '06

And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young

Christmas 2006 was not bad at all. I got some really good gifts, nothing bad happened (only a couple small annoyances, and it was all just a good time.

Now I understand that Christmas is all about giving and living in peach and all that jazz but my gifts this year were better than past years. I didn’t get that one gift where I wondered, “what the hell were they thinking”. I also didn’t get so irritated at my family that I snapped.

For instance my dad usually gives me some Vikings merchandise that is on the clearance rack. Typically the stuff my dad gets me is so ugly that Goodwill wont even take it. This year he did the smart thing, he just gave me money and said, “get whatever you want.” which, I will admit, does lack creativity but I’ll never complain about receiving money.

Also, instead of receiving ceramic cows (like for my birthday) or a damn sponge holder, instead my mom quilted this really cool book cover made of material. Now this is really nice because I do understand that my mom worked hard for this and I completely appreciated it.

My bro bought me the exact thing I bought him, a gift certificate towards Best Buy. Basically we’ve flown the white flag and come to the conclusion that we have no idea what we would like. Now we could request something in the future but this has never been how my family has worked. I remember when I was 5 and my parents told me to circle the toys that I wanted. The result was 30 circles on every page and basically giving my parents the clue that they could get me anything.

The crazy part of Christmas this year was with my roommates. If you will remember, I was a little apprehensive on the whole roommate Christmas deal because, what does one buy for a 45 year old female?

My roommate already bought something for me and would give me these little giggles whenever she refered to it. I was thinking it was a giant blow up doll or something completely weird.

So my roommate and bj guy handed me the gift and wore wide eyed smiles as I unwrapped it. The box was about 3 feet by 14 inches and I had no clue as to what it was.
As it turns out, it was this cool looking mini vending machine to hold 12 cans of whatever and it even keeps it cold. This could’ve been one of the coolest gifts I've ever recieved.

I was then ready to have my roommate unwrap my piece of crap present but she gave me another gift. Surprised I opened it up and it was these coupons to 1) use the STD machine whenever I want. (I have to interject that this hot tub is indeed pretty cool. I actually tried it out). And 2) to have the house to myself on 4 different occasions.

Again I was surprised and felt guilty for my piece of crap gift. If you remember my roommate would say,
“you know, lets just keep the gifts down to maybe twenty dollars or something. No need to go crazy or anything.” So I figured that I wouldn’t. In fact I got her 2 dvd’s worth $25 so I figured I was going a little above and beyond my call of duty.

She then hands me another small gift. Now I’m just thinking that I’m going to be executed in about an hour because this was incredibly nice of them. This last gift was a $30 gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings.


They clearly spent about….$70-$80 on me and here I was awaiting them to open up their gift of….National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I guess I don't feel too bad because, after all, I am helping her pay her mortgage so... screw that.

They opened the gift and seemed genuinely happy over the last episode of Will and Grace and Christmas Vacation which made feel good. So what I once thought was going to be some really embarrassing sex toy turned into a couple really cool things.

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