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Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Gonna Sleep for Forever and then a Day

Just so scared all the time
Makes one more reason why
The world is so dangerous

Last week I went 10-5 and that’s with picking the Vikings to beat a Matt Millen led team. Ron was right, I am an idiot.

Overall I’m 129-75 so…eh, what are ya gonna do?

Dallas @ Atlanta
Knowing the style of the NFC, Dallas will probably lose this game and the next 3 just to keep people guessing. Meanwhile a team like St. Louis would probably win out and squeak in a playoff birth. I’m beginning to think that parity is kinda lame. I’m going with my gut.
Falcons 31 Cowboys 23

Cleveland @ Baltimore
At least the teams in the AFC are somewhat consistent. Whenever one team looks like it will win, they usually do.
Ravens 23 Browns 3

Detroit @ Green Bay
The Lions really suck but I’m torn because Matt Millen being the GM is almost 2 easy wins for the Vikes and it keeps Millen away from the announcer’s booth.
Packers 20 Lions 7

Houston @ New England
I say all that about how trusting the AFC teams are and then the Pats throw that crap against the Dolphins. I don’t think they could lose to Houston but we’ll see
Pats 31 Texans 10

Jacksonville @ Tennessee
Last week Jacksonville was playing like this game I like to play, Run and Gun, where if you run it all game, you can rack up the yards and deke everyone out. It as ridiculously easy.
Jaguars 31 Titans 27

Miami @ Buffalo
Buffalo always throws a big god damn hammer in all my picks. For some reason they find the power of Greyskull and will a win from nowhere. Miami, on the other hand, has really looked good for some reason.
Dolphins 20 Bills 17

Philadelphia @ NY Giants
I just don’t know about this game. It seems like the Eagles are a team that is all about being a spoiler and it’s that whole NFC parity crap thing again.
Eagles 23 Giants 20

Pittsburgh @ Carolina
Talk about a couple of crappy underachieving teams. AFC/NFC rule applies here.
Steelers 27 Panthers 13

Tampa @ Chicago
I believe that Chicago is this years 2005 Seahawks in that they are a product of a terrible division and are just getting lucky. Still, they’re going to win this game though.
Bears 34 Bucs 17

Washington @ New Orleans
Ah the Saints, the only team you can really count on in the NFC. I seriously think Drew Brees is the MVP though despite the two thousand touchdowns that LT has. Brees could make a good receiver out of me I bet.
Saints 31 Redskins 10

Denver @ Arizona
Ooooh I smell a Cards upset here but it’s another AFC/NFC matchup…
Broncos 28 Cards 24

Kansas City @ San Diego
I’m wondering if SD will give LT a little rest since he’s been the entire Chargers offense. Even so I can see the charger defense winning this one alone
Chargers 24 Chiefs 10

St. Louis @ Oakland
Pffff who cares
Raiders 24 Rams 21

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis
How fucking awful is that Indy run defense? OJ could easily run through that defense at his age even if he was in a white bronco. Teams that can’t stop the run really do kinda suck though. Cincinnati has something to play for and I can see the Bengals two-headed Johnson winning an a huge shootout
Bengals 38 Colts 35

NY Jets @ Minnesota
The Vikings defense has actually been doing all the work but that offense is just so crappy. I can actually see the Vikings winning this game though. Ahhh but AFC/NFC….. I said I would never pick an NFC team when going against AFC teams so….I gotta do it.
Jets 35 Vikings 18

Have a good weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for admitting I'm right. Glad to see you picked the artist-formerly-known-as-Brett-Favre over the Lions. Even after his four picks, the Packers will still win. The Lions haven't won at Lambeau since 1991!