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Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Post of 2006

When you were young and on your own
How did it feel to be alone
I was always thinking of games that I was playing
Trying to make the best of my time

Yuck! My picks this year have really nose dived to severe mediocrity. I feel like Eli Manning on an off day or Barry Zito when his curve isn’t on or Joe Theisman.

Last week I went a putrid 7-8 and I blame that all on the damn parity of the NFL.

With that my total goes to 145-88

NY Giants @ Washington
The NFC should really give the top 3 teams a bye seeing all the candidates for the 6th seed. I suppose the Giants have something to play for and I suppose they wont try to screw it up, but they’ll find a way I’m sure.
Redskins 20 Giants 17

Atlanta @ Philadelphia
Jeff Garcia is the man and could be what the Eagles need for the playoffs.
Eagles 23 Falcons 6

Buffalo @ Baltimore
Ravens 15 Bills 3

Carolina @ New Orleans
Pretty much a preseason game but Carolina actually has something to play for. Pretty sad
Carolina 23 Saints 20

Cleveland @ Houston
I don’t know… who cares
Texans 27 Browns 14

Detroit @ Dallas
For some odd reason I can see the Lions being a huge spoiler here but ah--Matt Millen. If Matt Millen had nothing to do with this team, I might pick them but since he’s still with the team, no way.
Cowboys 24 Lions 17

Green Bay @ Chicago
The Packers actually have a shot at the playoffs.
Unbelievable. Oh and could the damn TV crews milk the Favre retiring anymore?
Packers 31 Bears 20

Jacksonville @ Kansas City
I think the Jaguars could easily beat any team in the NFC and here they are hoping to land a 6th seed in the AFC playoffs.
Jaguars 20 Chiefs17

Miami @ Indianapolis
I wonder if a running back--when running against the Colts-- dreams of frolicking through a sunlit field with birds and butterflies flying about? Then maybe a cute little squirrel hops along and soon that player realizes it’s dream and wants out because the dream took so long. Then the runner opens his eyes and he’s still running toward the end zone at the 20 from his team’s 10 yard line.
Indianapolis reminds me of the 2000 Vikings team in which they had a 11-2 record with a terrible defense. They then went on to lose the last 3 games and limp into the playoffs.
Colts 33 Dolphins 24

New England @ Tennessee
Whenever someone suggests that the Twins go back to their retro baby blue jerseys, they should take a look at the crap the Titans wear. How they even have those jerseys is beyond me but at least they’re winning. For that matter I would LOVE *LOVE* to see the Titans make the playoffs.
Titans 26 Patriots 24

Oakland @ NY Jets
Jets are weak. I’d actually be a little mad if they made the playoffs.
Jets 24 Raiders 13

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
I just don’t know what to think in this game. Clearly the Bengals need to win and are probably a little pissed off about last week’s flukey loss. However, I can see Pittsburgh being quite the thorn on the side.
Bengals 30 Steelers 20

Seattle @ Tampa
Seahawks 24 Bucs 14

Arizona @ San Diego
Cards 27 Chargers 17

San Francisco @ Denver
Broncos 31 49ers 20

St. Louis @ Minnesota
The Rams are actually playing for something and the Vikings suck. I can see the Rams passing all over the Vikings ass just like that annoying “greatest show on turf” crap that the media jammed down our throats 5 years ago. Basically Rams win this and the Vikings fan will end up booing the entire game.
Should be fun.
Rams 35 Vikings 17

Happy New Years everyone!


Aliecat said...

Hope you get a New Years kiss! If it's looking bleak for that kiss, head on down to The Entry and I'll plant one on ya! Haha!

Eric Wormann said...

Haven't you learned not to pick the redskins?