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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Old School Games

It's alright to be wrong
All we need's a little time
But nothing here can last that long

I have a confession to make.

I have been a huge fan of the old school games from Nintendo to the arcade games. Everything from Rad Racer to Final Fight (I loved beating the crap out of that car) to even Joust (that bird game that you just couldn't figure out).

Still I have never ever really liked Pac Man or Ms. Pac Man or any of those games. I know, I know “there was no classic 80’s game than Pac Man!” is what you’re shouting to your screen right now. Believe me, I know I actually had it on my Atari…whateveryoucallit 4000 and my dad loved playing it.

Now whenever my dad actually decided to sit down with us, instead of me and my bro fighting over the controllers (and biting them) we would instantly give it to our dad so he could play. It was a thing of beauty because suddenly me and my bro were not fighting but both watching our dad.

Pac Man was my dad’s game and even at that age, I still didn’t see what the big deal was. I mean you got this, what looks to be a, wheel of cheese chomping down these nuggets and that is fun? Then there’s those blinky deals that turn those ghosts into edible creatures which makes no sense whatsoever. Why does a big wheel of cheese eat ghosts?

Speaking of which, what the hell is Pac Man supposed to be? What is the story behind “Pac Man” and especially “Ms. Pac Man” because was regular Pac Man too busy working and paying off the mortgage while the misses goes out and chomps on nuggets? I just never understood that.

I guess my biggest qualm with the game is that is didn’t require the use of buttons. Basically that was half the fun in arcade games because you typically have one button that shoots and a 2nd button that is used for the Nuclear bomb of sorts and can wipe out the board. Without those buttons all you have is one joy stick that you push, pull, and rock around which always seems kind of awkward. Playing Pac Man seems like a crazy form of masturbation. Ugh..

But yeah I’ve always been in those conversations where we discuss the old school video games where everyone gets excited and wants to bust out the old school Nintendo.
“Dude, remember Punch out! ‘body blow-body blow’ haha”
“Dude, Double fuckin Dragon! Oh that was at the mall!”

And I could hold my own until that one person said,
“Wait guys, guys, Pac. Man! Huh that’s the end all, say all in 80’s arcade games!” and I would be like…
“Uh remember that Ghouls and Ghosts? I kinda thought that was pretty phat!


Anonymous said...

Yet running around as a little man that jumps on mushrooms to get super powers is more fun than playing a giant cheese wheel that eats power pellets? Oh, wait, I may have just proved your point. Although there was nothing better than plugging a quarter into a table-top Ms. Pac Man machine. Plus, it was the only video game I was ever good at.

You know you can get "new-school" Atari...which is basically a giant Atari joystick with the games built into it with a computer chip and then you just plug it into your TV and it works just like the gigantic game console did back in the day? It's super cool. Oh, and you can do the same thing with Ms. Pac Man. Yes, I have both.

Aliecat said...

Christ! I have that Gouhls and Ghosts game and it was fucking hard!

Anonymous said...

I'm introducing the rugrat to Pac-Man and Ms.Pac Man, but the game I really miss is Combat! (It's the one that came for free with the Atari 2600) It was just two tanks shooting at each other, but you could blast your opponent through walls, you could be invisible until you was great. I can't find it anywhere....