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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One Crap

But darling, I wish you well
On your way to the wishing well
Swinging off of those gates of hell
But I can tell how hard you're trying

Crap List

1. Carmelo Anthony

I have always disliked Carmelo Anthony but I don’t know exactly why. Could it be because he’s a ball hog? Could it be because I just don’t care for his style of play? Or could it be because he friggen punches someone and then runs the hell away?
Lately it’s the latter because, come on, what a pathetic move. HA! He comes out of nowhere with the sucker punch and then he starts backpedaling so fast that he turned into a blur. It had to be one of the weakest things I have seen since…probably another basketball fight.

They should’ve just let them brawl because that would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than that 30 point blowout. Not to mention that watching guys with insanely unique pituitary glands waving their gangly arms and pulling their jerseys is kinda humorous in my opinion.

Then there’s the coaches that pretty much do anything in their power to calm their players down. I’ve seen Jeff Van Gundy wrap his arms and legs around someone’s legs, someone threw themselves into a punch, and last Saturday someone just decided to throw a notebook at the scene. Of course none of that does anything because the coaches are sometimes 4’10 or someone doesn’t realize the coach took the punch or the notebook was…just a pathetic attempt to stop a fight.

Another thing, I hope all of the Carmelo Anthony followers learn to sucker punch someone and then run like hell like he did because it looks so pathetic and it makes anyone else that knows how to fight, beat them. I wonder if he screamed like a bitch when he decided to head out of dodge.

The way I see it he could’ve either been a damn role model and simply resist the urge to fight (not to mention how much he means to his team) or he could’ve just started stompin’ people with no regard. At least with the latter he’d have been more of a man instead of backing out like he did.

I guess that’s all that’s buggin me lately.

1 comment:

MJ said...

I hate Carmelo as well, and the fact he ran away like a little girl after taking that cheap shot just makes me hate him more. I hope he gets like a 20 game suspension. Or even better, if his team makes the playoffs he wouldn't be allowed to play. I think that would be the best punishment.