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Monday, December 11, 2006

Parents and Computers...ugh

And yesterday I saw you standing by the river,
And weren't those tears that filled your eyes,
And all the fish that lay in dirty water dying,
Had they got you hypnotized?

I would like to announce that I finally beat Jim in fantasy football. I don’t think I’ve beat him in like ten years or so. At least that’s the last time I remember… if I remember correctly.

Crap List
This week, the crap list begins and ends with me shopping for computers with my parents.

1. Parents and helping them buy a computer
My parents have finally decided their ‘97 Micron PC with Windows 98 and dial up was a little too old and now they finally want an up to date one. So I know a little bit about computers after shopping for mine but I can just see the bastard at Best Buy talking them into buying Monster cables, if nothing else, but just in case they decide to buy a surround sound system.

So I ventured into BB with them and it was painful.

See, it all starts with the word “cable”. “Cable” means many things: Cable TV for one, Cable modem, and cables as in “coaxial cable” and there in lies the frustration.

“So we hook up the wireless router from the Cable modem? But we have cable in three places.” My mom will say.

“No, not cable TV, Cable modem. Tim has one in the basement so we hook it up to that.” I reply

“Okay but why would a wireless router use a wire?” My dad will then say

“ugh, because it’s got to be hooked up to the cable modem.”

“So we’re going to need a cable for the cable router?”

“NO! you’re going to need a cable for the wireless router and it needs a certain cable to hook up the router from the cable modem. Er wait… BAAAAAH”

“So does this computer come with Windows 98?”

“No, Windows 98 is now Windows XP which is better”

“But if we want Windows 98 we can get it right?”


So with all this talk my parents were just getting more confused and at one point, my dad just sat on the floor and started pouting. It was just a great experience all around.

The moral of the story: Never help anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Get them to buy an abacus and start there.