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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sweet Land Bits

Cause in the peaceful hour, the quiet spell
Seduced by the promise of bliss,
we soon forget that nothing's happened yet
We're living for moments like this

-In case you’re interested in a indy movie go see Sweet Land which is around theatres. Sweet Land is based during the WWI era where a mail order bride from Germany comes to Walker County, Minnesota and tries to fit in. The setting was wonderful in open fields and blue skies in rural Minnesota. It’s even got a quirky Minnesota feel to it with the mannerisms that the characters have.

-While watching that movie I kinda figured out why farm people had so many god damn kids back then. See imagine yourself literally living in the middle of nowhere--and you only want one kid? That kid would be bored out of their mind and not to mention he’d have a whole farms worth of work to do (and that’s if their parents were lazy)
So would I want to be an only kid living hundreds of acres away from the nearest other kid? Hell no. At least with a crap load of kids there would be something to do with fighting and tag and what not.

-And it continues Vernon Wells 7 years $126M???? Good god!

-yesterday I had the privilege of having 5 stranger come in my room and simply listen for an undisclosed amount of time. Apparently the landlord and our neighbors in the middle of a neighborhood fight and now the association is involved. The hot tub, of course, is the center of all the attention and the neighbors have complained that it’s too loud which is bullshit. Anyway the landlord is one pissing match away from not being allowed to have said hot tub. So the drama continues.

-I can’t remember if I mentioned this earlier but my roommate and I are exchanging gifts just because…we live together. So I am thrown for a loop on what to get her. I mean what the hell do you buy for a 45 year old female roommate? Popcorn tin maybe? I don’t fucking know.

-I think I have figured out a nice tip for my mini diet: don’t eat so damn much. I found that eating a little bit one day shrinks up the stomach and so when I chomp down on those jo-jo’s the next day, I can’t even eat all of them. That and yogurt, apple sauce, jello, and water. mmmm


Barry Metropolis said...

Boof, were you on campus today at the U?

Anonymous said...

Buy her something that uses batteries from the sex toy shop!