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Friday, January 05, 2007


Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

This year at football picks I would like to give a big fuck you to teams like,

NY Giants

For being completely unpredictable throughout the season. Basically my last 4 weeks of .500 are due entirely because of these bastard teams.

As for the Vikings, I kinda sorta expected a season like this. I mean I wasn’t all too impressed with the receiving corps began being Koren Robinson, Marcus Robinson, Travis Taylor, and Joe Schmo, and Justin Hessler, and Kato Kaelen, and pfff Bonnie Blair.

I mean if we had Randy Moss, Cris Carter, and Jake Reed in their prime then I could simply chuck the ball up and throw for 3500 yards. Also I think the white quarterback was a major problem of the vikes as well.

I think it was very promising that Childress is smart enough to know that stopping the run and trying to run is the center of everything but his playbook is about as boring as church in June or whenever.

With that being said I ended the year going 154-95

2004: 141-95
2006: 154-95

Haha wow, so no matter what happens, I’ll always lose 95 picks

Playoff picks

Kansas City @ Indianapolis
I think this is the absolute worst possible matchup that the Colts could possible get. They give up 1000 yards rushing in every game and sure enough they’re playing against the number 2 running back in all of football. The Colts come in with the Buffalo Bills syndrome where whenever the hint of losing comes into play, they start worrying and end up falling on their ass. Also the last five weeks have shown us that if a Colts opponent has a damn good running back, then they win.

Chiefs 24 Colts 21

Dallas @ Seattle
Man do the NFC playoffs suck complete ass. Dallas has backed into the playoffs and Seattle actually lost by 20 or so to the Vikings. I can see Shaun Alexander running for 150 yards and the Seattle fans going absolutely insane. With that being, I’m going to go with the Seahawks because any team that nearly gives up 40 to the Lions then I don’t have any trust in them.
Seattle 34 Dallas 18

NY Jets @ New England
The Patriots have been relatively ignored in the football world. They went 12-4 in the AFC and yet no one notices. The Jets have actually beaten the Patriots in Foxboro but I think the Jets have been the product of an unbelievable easy schedule. The Jets have actually played nobody since October and have simply arrived to the game. That being said I can’t count out the Patriots in January.
Patriots 31 Jets 13

NY Giants @ Philadelphia
Giants are the official NFC joke in that they have absolutely no business being in the playoffs. Jeff Garcia seems to be the big “shock the world” story so far. Shock the World may end up going to the NFC championship game based on the story of the matter. Giants don’t have a damn chance.
Eagles 34 Giants 10

Have a good weekend everyone.

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