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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Let's make the best of the situation
Before I finally go insane.
Please don't say we'll never find a way
And tell me all my love's in vain.

-Did you watch that amazing Boise State/Oklahoma game? It felt just like March Madness rooting for those underdogs and I nearly wept when they gave up that interception with a minute to go.
That being said, I nearly jumped out of my bed and when they successfully completed the hook and ladder to tie the game with seconds to go. And with THAT BEING SAID, I nearly shatted my room full of shat when they successfully completed that statue of liberty play.

Take that BCS!

So now that BSU beat a legitimate team, why aren’t they in contention for the national title? For that matter why the hell is there one team picked to be the national champions based on speculation? Because (assuming OSU beats UF… sorry Steph) if two teams end undefeated, how can one team be considered better than the other?

Imagine, just imagine if the NFL had a similar stupid postseason. They would automatically match Chicago with San Diego blinding believing that those are the best two teams in football based purely on record and strength of schedule and all that crap. How unsatisfying would that be? First of Chicago is probably the most overrated number one seed that I have ever seen and San Diego is really good and all but they’re primed to be upset.

-Speaking of college football, the Gophers finally saw the light and fired Glen Mason and his arrogant ass. All it took was another colossal collapse in a 2nd half of a bowl game that they were lucky to make and it was clear as day, Glen Mason is a mediocre coach.
I mean really, he did help out the program in the first 5 years but since then he’s done nothing. I could hardly stand his excuses of not being able to compete due to not having an on campus stadium or whatever else he wants to blame his ineptness in recruiting and coaching on.

I’m still pissed about that Michigan game from 2003 (thank god I didn’t go and gave my tickets away to H). If the gophers had held the Wolverines, I’m sure the Gophers would’ve gone to the Rose Bowl or at the very least a Jan 1 bowl.

-I had a weird dream where I walked in a bar and I was talking loudly to the bartender for some reason. I was like,
“YEAH, I THINK LEWIS BLACK IS AWESOME AS HELL!” and to my surprise it was Lewis Black sitting down near me and he looked at me with a smile.
It was at that point that I was proud of myself that I didn’t dis him or anything like that.

Then I woke up.

Pretty cool eh?


Hog said...

I shat all over and threw up a little too when they made that tying touchdown. Not to metion it was 4th and fucking 18!!!!
I rewound the play and made Danielle sit and watch it with me.
Then to go for 2! The guts it takes to do that is great. They had a chance to take down the giant and executed what had to be one the best plays in bowl history to win the game. I shouted and cheered as if the Vikings had won the Super Bowl.

sweetcakes said...

That WAS quite an ending to one of the best games I have seen in a while. Hog nearly scared the shat out of me during the statue of liberty play and I actually put my arms up to protect myself!