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Monday, January 22, 2007

Crappity Crappity Crap

Memories back when she was smooth and strong
and waiting for the world to come along.
Swears she knew him now she swears he's gone

Crap List

1. The politics with going out with the work colleagues.
So I attend a hockey game with a bunch of work people and it was generally really fun. We all had good times bitching about work and talking about what’s going on and all that. The thing that really kinda bugs me is the interesting dynamics that seem to linger around.

For instance the boss that everyone is frustrated over seems to be hanging by himself a lot, you can tell who doesn’t really like who by how some people are avoiding others, and the personal space issue is apparent with the people reluctant to sit next to each other even in a sports setting.

Of course this happens naturally, without the work environment, but it’s just a little bit awkward.

I dunno, I just wanna drink beer and watch some American hockey and eat apple pie and listen to Bruce Springsteen or whatever. Damn

2. Van Halen and their crap

So VH was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and now they have to quickly settle with a lineup. As it currently stands, there’s Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen….and the rest is up in the air. It’s been rumored that Eddie’s kid, Wolfgang (yes, that’s his name) will be the new bassist and it’s also been rumored that David Lee Roth will come back because his bluegrass stuff hasn’t exactly lifted off yet.

But, the interesting thing about that is that the usual VH bassist, Michael Anthony, and 2nd lead singer, Sammy Hagar, were also included on the VH bill which would make for an interesting induction ceremony.

You see, it’s tradition that all the inducted bands have to perform on stage together. Apparently Sammy and Dave and Eddie will have all get along just in time to sing a couple songs. Hmmm

I guess as long as you have enough tequila, cattle prods, and black coffee everyone should be alright.

Bears suck.

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Eric Wormann said...

If you think that DLR's bluegrass stuff hasn't taken off, then you obviously haven't seen this gem:

Listen to that crowd roar.