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Friday, January 19, 2007

Goin Against My Gut

I spend my spare time with my rosary beads
although I never learnt to pray
but you don't need the light
and it's best to pretend
that you've seen the errors of your ways

Tis the last day of football (other than the Superbowl of course) and it just seems like a sad time. I mean I’m going to actually have to get out and do something on Sundays from now on. The thought is just way too liberating to me and I don’t know if I can take the freedom.

I suppose I wont miss Joe Buck’s fucking whining and his butt slicked hair style and Troy Aikman’s bored look. Then there’s Terry Bradshaw’s squeeling like a pig and all that god awful pen holding that those guys constantly do.

I think CBS carries the superbowl so we’ll have to deal with those guys some more.

Anyway last week I went 2-2 because I just didn’t expect the Ravens to lay an egg and Chicago to luck out another god damn win--that’s what? Like 8 lucky wins for them?


New Orleans @ Chicago
I had a little déjà vu the other day and I could’ve sworn that the NFC completely sucked ass too. Sure enough they did and I had this quote,
“Seattle has to be the worst number 1 seed that I’ve ever seen”
Of course I beg to differ now because say what you will with Seattle last year on them having a cake walk schedule but at least they shown they can beat teams. At least they had a solid running back and--gasp--a bonafide quarterback.
Chicago just uglifies their opponents into nothing. It’s as if the other team is like “woah, this is just way too ugly for me. These 2 yard runs and terrible incompletions are just boring the hell outta me.”
Just as the corner is walking away, the bears find a way to pull a 30 yard completion out of their ass and win on a field goal.

I love looking at the ESPN fan voting deal on who is the stronger team. Basically you know exactly how the country votes according to state. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan all know how lucky Chicago is and they don’t even consider them a team.

Rex Grossman?!?

I would love nothing more than a 70-0 spanking of the Bears and to show the country how much of a fraud this team is.

BUT…. I’m always wrong on these type of deals. If I learned anything from last year is to never underestimate the underdog in football and the bears are playing at home against a dome team. I mistakingly keep saying that the Patriots are gods team but that’s not true. The Patriots actually win their games convincingly. Chicago may be god’s team.

As much as I really dislike the bears and their boring brand of football, I grudgingly have to go with them this week. I do believe the bears will ugly out another win and bore the crap out of the superbowl.

Ugh the thought of listening to all that mindless enthusiasm from Chicago just sickens me but Chicago fans will be Chicago fans.

Bears 16 Saints 14

New England @ Indianapolis

I just think it’s cool that the 1 and 2 seeds were both knocked off and now Indianapolis is hosting the AFC Championship. That has to be a great surprise for any Colt fans.

Watching the Colts this postseason I find it amazing that they’ve been handling the run very well. It’s almost as if they wanted the perception that they suck against the run during the regular season just to dupe the opposition in the playoffs.


Then the Patriots are back in the swing of things. Basically how in the hell do you beat the Patroits in January?

The Patriots remind me of Rambo III where John Rambo is facing an entire army and somehow finds a way to take down 4 choppers, 7 tanks, 430 troopers, and steal like 4 beautiful horses.

Rambo = Patriots without the mentally deficient dialogue and the sweat.

Since I’ve already went against my gut with the first pick why not do the same for the next? As hard as it is to pick the Patriots I have to believe that the Colts are a bit pissed off by being overlooked and being beaten by the Pats like Ike with Tina Turner. I don’t know how or why but I think the Colts will edge out the Patriots paving the way for a Bears stomping in the Superbowl and endless commercials featuring Peyton Manning and an endless stream of him playing football when he was 3.

Ugh the humanity. At least this should be a good game.

Colts 31 Patriots 23

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