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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Faith

Thursday nights
I go and type
Down to the church
For Father Mike

I have found myself practicing good faith methods for my everyday life. I practice good faith with acquaintances, people who I don’t like, gatherings, and work.

Basically I believe good faith is an agreement with myself to put on a pretty face and pretend to be happy when in fact I’m a little bored just so I can leave early or skip out on the next time. Basically instead of bitching about things I’m going to instead protest in my own little way.

Here’s how.

Usually I don’t care for acquaintances because I consider them to be life’s “role players” and no good for me otherwise. I will find that I will hang out with an acquaintance just so I don’t have to hang out with them again.
“Hey Tom, you wanna go to the craft fair on Sunday?” I will be asked by an acquaintance and while I would rather be at home stuffing my face with chips, I wouldn’t mind doing something different but I would still rather be eating chips too. I’ll accept the offer just so they know that I have done stuff with them at one time and it’s stays fresh in their mind. I also believe that with this one offer of good faith I can then reject them another five times and eat chips in front of the tv.

People I don’t like
For instance I have this ignorant son of a bitch that likes to come around my area and talk and talk and talk. I wont have a say in anything but he’ll just be moaning and groaning about his shitty hand in life. I’ll actually listen in on his bitching and ignorant ranting just so I could sneak out for the next night. Hell maybe I even save a little kid from a beating in the process by letting the bitch vent so I feel like I’m helping man kind by listening (or pretending to listen) this his bitching.

Like an organization that I don’t like to be around I’ll actually help them volunteer and act cheery even though I think the cause is a complete waste of time and everyone there is just wasting their time. I’ll take a leadership role and pretend to be happy if nothing else but to show an example to any possible little kids around.
I figure this leadership will allow me to not do anything like this again, keep it in people’s minds that I do volunteer, and I work hard.

Work functions
We have these worthless meetings every week and basically I sit there and watch my boss work for an hour and sometimes even an hour in a half. I figure I can go to one meeting every other week because it shows that I do show up, that I’m still alive, and I’m still in the mind of everyone. Basically I’m allowing myself to skip out every other week by attending every other week. I think it’s a smart play on my part and I’m staying visible.

So you really need to master and practice the good faith practices in your life. I believe that it allows one to be lazy.

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