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Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Monday

I want you bad

Crap List

1. This guy at work
It started out with me simply being nice when this 40 something guy comes in and start bitching about his cruddy hand (or what HE seems to think is a cruddy hand) in life and me simply listening. Now it’s becoming a daily occurance and the guy is now blowing ass as he’s bitching.
To add more insult to injury, the guy is severely ignorant and doesn’t seem to use any kind of knowledge to any kind of topic. For instance,
“Yeah my cabin is starting to become a little dusty. Fucking towel headed jews.” and something like that just kind leaves you mystified as to how he just came up with that and if he really thought about what he said. So that comment will leave me stupefied and he’ll continue on about how he’s been fixing his fuel pump in his truck and how his dog sleeps in the garage and how his brother in law is being screwed his sister--you know things everyone wants to hear.
Then I gotta look up car parts for him online and that’s no big deal except when he leans in and blows ass right next to me.

And that makes me want to stand up to him and yell,

2. The inventor of “the wave”
I just saw on ESPN Sportcenter how there is a controversy over who invented “the wave”: that annoying ritual of simply waving your hands in the air during (what usually is) a good ballgame. Basically there are two individuals how claim and are proud of starting the wave and they brag about it.

First things first: it is not a sign of team spirit. Yelling and heckling--yes. Looking around the stadium in anticipation for the wave and then doing it completely ignoring the game--is not.

There is nothing I can’t stand more than watching a 2-2 game with a runner on second and a 3-2 count when everyone stands up around you and blocks your vision of the game. I think of it as everyone going to grab a hotdog in the middle of the inning all at once. During the middle innings it’s fine but NOT DURING THE GOD DAMN GAME!

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