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Monday, January 08, 2007

It's About Time

Your time has come - you can stand our you can run
But don't keep it all inside
'Cause you gotta understand that there ain't no second chance
No one gets outa here alive

Damn, it’s been awhile.

Crap List

1. The NFC Playoffs
I’m watching the NFC playoffs like I watch NBA basketball or documentaries on the history of Pepsi commercials. Yesterday the crappiest of the crappy NFL games was on with the Eagles Vs. Giants. Now if NFC football was bad enough, NFC East football is the bottom of the proverbial entertainment barrel. Even Saturday nights game was somewhat good but that was only because the Cowboys kept screwing everything up.
Maybe it’s because I naturally compare the NFC playoffs to the AFC playoffs where the REAL teams play and where the elite of the elite four teams are left to battle each other for the chance to beat the crap out of whoever comes out of the NFC.

For instance let’s compare the games.

Indianapolis Vs. Baltimore
The unbelievable offense of the Colts vs. the impenetrable defense of the Ravens. This is a game I would pay to see.

Then there’s,
New Orleans Vs. Philadelphia
Yuck. This has grey, overcast day written all over it and this is the decent game of the NFC.

New England Vs. San Diego
The Patriots and the power of God go up against one of the only truly dominant teams of the NFL in the Chargers. I would gladly pay to see this game as well especially since it’s going to be in San Diego.

Then there’s
Seattle @ Chicago
What a friggen blah game this is. It doesn’t even seem like a playoff game.

2. Armageddon Vs. Deep Impact
In the ongoing debate over what is the worse movie, I have an important element that may tip the scales a bit. Armageddon’s dialogue is complete crap and is something that a bunch of high school goof balls would create for a slap stick comedy that is so over the top that people take it seriously. For me being a big dialogue and script person, this is the characteristic that really makes Armageddon amazingly dumb.
Michael Bay, I blame you for the bad dialogue and that ultra sappy Aerosmith song.

I’m also sorry to report that Michael Bay is the director behind the Transformers movie coming out later this summer. I’m still wondering how exactly he’ll screw this movie up but the Transformers have traditionally had a cheesy script so maybe he’ll do a good job.

3. More old people and technology

Phone rings

Dad: Hey, how are things?
Boof: good. How are you?
Dad: Well, I’m having computer problems and I need a little help.
Boof: alight what’s the problem
Dad: I don’t know how to turn on the computer.
Boof: huh? Hehe WHAT?
Dad irritated: Just tell me how to turn it on if you know.

Haha so I told him about that circle button with the stick coming out of it which usually means “power” in this computer age.

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Eric Wormann said...

My mom asked me what song Julie and I are going to dance to at the wedding. I told her the song and she said, "I don't know that one. I'll YouTube it." I was so proud of her.