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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Up With Crap

but it's on the table
the fire's cooking
and they're farming babies
while the slaves are all working

August 1993
I was on a three week quest with the Boy Scout to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree

(I’ll wait…..

Please, please get the laughter out of you system right now.

Uh huh… keep going

Okay now the pointing-start the pointing and laughing

Okay you’re done now)

The BSJ is an event that only happens every four years and it’s actually kinda cool. This year they were supposed to have Alabama sing for the scouts. Say what you want about country but Alabama is actually pretty damn good. BUT…Alabama cancelled and instead we got Up with People-the nerdiest, crappiest show tunes happy crap of a group that I’ve ever seen. Also the President usually shows up to make a quick speech (my bro got to shake Clinton’s hand) BUT… Clinton cancelled because of…who knows. This big ceremony was in Virginia and it concluded with tons of fireworks. It actually was a great time if you can believe that.

Of course to get to Virginia there’s a couple weeks of sight seeing. This trip included a day in Philadelphia, a couple hours in New York City where the tourist thought we were Amish--she asked us if we knew what a boom box was--also a stop in Washington DC which was cool, and a day of rides at Cedar Point in Ohio.

The one thing I really was looking forward to is a stop at Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame. With me being a big baseball buff I feel I could literally camp out there and spend a weekend looking at everything.

Well one kid threw up, another troop we were traveling with didn’t have their shit together, and numerous delays caused us to arrive to Cooperstown a bit late.

“Alright boys, you all have 45 minutes to look at everything before we have to get going.” is what our surragate Scoutmaster told us.

“45 fucking minutes?!" I mutter.

So I ran through the whole damn thing, trying to see as much as I could.

I was PISSED! Up With People made me even more pissed.

So now fast forward the tape up until yesterday. The Minnesota Historical Society has this exhibit titled “Baseball As America” where numerous historical baseball items are revealed. Basically, if one can’t go to Cooperstown you would want to head over to this awesome exhibit.

The absolute high light is the Honus Wagner card that is in display. The Honus Wagner card is the most valuable baseball card in existence and it’s been bought and sold numerous times just so people could say they owned it. Also there was a booth where people could walk up and try on gloves from the early 1900 century and touch baseballs from back in the day which was meatnourmously cool.

They tried to angle it toward the Minnesota Twins and the local area by having an old school Millers jersey around and Willy May’s memorabilia from when he played with the Millers.

The one mini stand that I was really interested in was the racial prejudice in the game. They had an actual letter sent to Hank Aaron during his quest to become the all time home run leader. This letter looked like it was written by a fourth grader by the handwriting and grammar (kinda like this blog) and numerous depictions of African Americans from the early to mid 20th century.

For me craving baseball, this was a nice and satisfying treat. I highly recommend anyone who is a little bit interested in baseball to go and check out this exhibit. Besides the baseball they have a semi-cool history of Minnesota.

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Aliecat said...

Alright, I'll say it, did you get your peepee touched when you were in boy scouts?