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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

600 Post spectacular

I know exactly what you're thinking
But I swear this time I will not let you down
I'm not as selfish as I used to be
That was a part of me that never made me proud

I have to admit that yesterday as I was writing that crap list my heart just wasn’t into it. I was laying down in my bed watching the puppy bowl and half drifting off to sleep and I had this ‘get it done so you can sleep’ type of resolution so that’s what I did.
Today I’m hoping to have a “do over” and attempt to be way more effective and informative. I don’t want all three of you to think I’m that much of a slacker.

Crap list (take 2)

-The Superbowl commercials
I can’t believe people paid 2.something million for the near total crap that I watched. Commercial after commercial was just a complete train wreak in trying to be creative or funny but it was like watching John Kerry do standup.
How many times do we have to watch computer generated animals talk to each other like neighbors? Haven’t the advertisers found that out to be old, redundant, or even a waste of time and effort? At least Pepsi got it right by only showing a couple of their terrible commercials.
Even was horrible and that has been a commercial that has usually been quite good. I assume that go daddy girl was caught in a massive building fire because she did not look that attractive.
At all. It was like I could tell what the director was trying to do but it was like having Sarah Jessica Ugly having sex with one of the golden girls. I, along with most of the group I was watching the SB with, cringed at the sight of bad plastic surgery in the face.
Then, in the most awkward commercial of the night, GM comes out with this robot who dreams about losing it’s job on the assembly line and even contemplating suicide. As I’m watching this I’m wondering about how the actual assembly line workers, who recently were laid off, think about this commercial. I mean it seemed in very poor taste.

It would be like a commercial with Dick Cheney as the main character in which he dreams that his moneybin is being burned down with some sad song being played behind it. Cheney wakes up and realizes that he’s still rich and the commercial ends.
Are we supposed to feel sorry for Cheney? Are we supposed to feel relieved for him? It’s all just so puzzling.

-The actual Superbowl
I loved the rain--I loved how it was pouring rain on top of a thousand hardcore executives. It’s a terrible thing to like but if karma plays a trick on me and puts me in a high priority game with the pouring rain, I would love it! So it’s all good.

Next I blame the bears for the complete boredom of the superbowl. If the bears didn’t play that boring style of defense and kept allowing the Colts to put us all asleep with 80 five yard dump passes then things may have gotten a bit interesting.
The first quarter was fun and disgusting to watch at the same time. Fun in that it’s raining out. Disgusting that these were the “best” teams in football with 4 god damn turnovers.

The most exciting part of the game was watching Rex Grossman screw it up. I’ve been hearing people say that it wasn’t Rex’s fault and that everyone is being too hard on him--you know, as if it’s an 8th grader going out there and simply not quitting. He was throwing passes like an 8th grader too because those interceptions were….haha they were horrible. I especially loved the 500 moment when he called out “OKAY JACKPOT” and floated the ball in the direction of Muhsin Mohammad only to be picked off.

I did, however, enjoyed the halftime show. I was glued to see something go wrong with the pouring rain on the stage and maybe seeing and electrocution somewhere in there but Prince’s performance actually surprised me. I’ve never been a Prince fan and have never even been close to liking his stuff but he was kicking some ass during that halftime show. It was probably the second best halftime show, next to U2, that I’ve seen in the otherwise crappy Superbowl halftime shows.

Then the 2nd half began and I really, really wish I was watching the puppy bowl because nothing really happened in the 2nd half. I suppose the bears having the ball and being surprisingly efficient clock eaters with 5 minutes left in the game was a bit of a riot but other than that it was stupid.

Also Peyton being the MVP was a bit of a joke. He played alright but Addia and Rhodes were each deserving of the award. Hell, he could’ve gotten knocked out in the first play of the game and Jim Sorgi could’ve thrown 6 touchdown passes and they’d still crown Manning with the MVP (because if he didn’t get injured then the Colts may have lost the game…haha).

Tuesday’s entry

I’m completely psyched because Patty Griffin’s new album “Children Running Through” is coming out today. I haven’t had this much anticipation for an album since…David Gilmour’s album last year.

I’ve been reading some reviews for this new album and I have not found any critical reviews. In fact most of the reviews that I have found have said that this is her “masterpiece” and that anything that she’s come out with in the past has merely been a teaser for this album.

Dur! Guh! What? I find it really hard to believe how much her previous albums have been pushed to the side over this new piece of work. If the critics are true though, this could be the most refreshing piece of music I have heard in a looooooong time.

In the past I have been burned on buying CD’s on release date. Van Halen, Def Leppard, and Velvet Revolver come to mind…hmm maybe I should’ve known better on those choices.

But I’m really looking forward to this album and I’m also looking forward to her coming to town at the end of March. Last time I drove out to friggen Madison to catch her and tried driving back that same night. Big mistake because I have a faint memory of me driving back in the moonlight at 4am and screaming my head off after drinking so much Mountain Dew to stay away.

I also found out that this concert is on the same day as my first curling match which leaves me with a couple options: 1) try to curl at 5:30, drink my drink, and then hightail it out of there before the show starts, and enjoy the damn show or 2) drive to Madison the next day and watch the show there.


Then I found out that Roger Waters will be coming to town based off of some random T-shirt which is supposedly the official 2007 tour t-shirt. Who knows when he’ll be coming but that leaves me with a weird predicament: He’s super old but and that concert will be a lot of money but he was really good last time he was here.

What if he gets together and plays with Nick Mason and Richard Wright and plays as Roger Waters with… and later on David Gilmour decided to join him making these concerts bonafide Pink Floyd concerts. Then I could live of the fatta the lan or whatever.

God that would be great! Maybe Patty Griffin would open up too!

Actually that would be really weird. No way.

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