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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Oh lie
I thought you were golden
I thought you were wise
When I caught you returning
To the house you caught fire

-Phone call from last Saturday

J: So with this new roommate I’m probably going to lower your rent.
Boof: cool
J: Cuz I know how much you’d appreciate it. Hahahah (drunk laugh) I remember that one time where I was going to raise the rent $5 and you gave me this really dirty look. Bwhahaha I was like “oh my god” and you looked soooooo pissed….

That whole scenario seems burned in her mind and I think she’s pissed that I didn’t give in.

Okay once upon a time J, my landlord/roommate, comes up to me and tells me she’s raising my rent $5 because she thinks she may have screwed up on a bill. I then looked at her like, “Five dollars?” and she dropped the subject right then and there.

My feeling is that if I say alright to $5 then next month it will be $10 and pretty soon she’s raping me…literally.

-Continuing my wave of being 1-5 years behind in the times I have recently been hopelessly addicted to the US version of The Office. I remember watching The Office Olympics a long time ago and announcing that that episode was probably the best episode of anything I had seen in a long time. The show is simply amazing in terms of funny. Fantastic even!

Now after pealing through the entire 2nd season, I now need more and I’m completely drawn on that office tension between Pam and Jim. Also, Steve Correll is basically one of the funniest guys in the history of the entire world

Is the original british version any good? Do I need to learn British at all to follow it?

-I just saw this MTV commercial with Fergie and I think she is the weirdest celeb/human around now. From the peeing in the pants deal to “my humps” (tangent: HOW THE HELL DOES THAT GET NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY!?!) to her fakish ghetto talk that was depicted in this commercial.
I wanted to know if that was real or not and I found out she played the voice of “Sally” in a Peanuts show back in the 80’s.
Now my Sally voices are a little rusty but I don’t remember hearing white-fakish-ghetto style in Sally’s voice.

I’m beginning to think that Fergie and Gwen Stefani are robots and they’re programmed by the major record companies to come up with the most obnoxious songs and beats that man can’t even begin to create. I’m also beginning to think they were once human and beautiful but not the experiment has gone horribly wrong and now they’re just…robots trying to be cool.

I dunno. Pam is pretty cute though.

Ice cream is also pretty good.


-I have asbestos training today and I’m desperately trying to find ways to find something to do during the training. Now I know some of you goody-goodys are thinking “wow, gee that sounds really important. Maybe you should listen.” and I should but what can be talked about in 2 hours can be said with this sentence,
“If it looks like asbestos, treat it like asbestos”

There. Done. End of story because we have asbestos workers here and we can rehash all the different cases and asbestosis and all the diseases that come from it but it’s all the same.

I might get a lame ass certificate too and I guess it goes in my portfolio for the other BS training I take.

-I found out I have mandatory ergonomics training next week at 8am. I probably can’t afford to play blackjack on my phone for this one because someone other than my boss will be teaching it. Also I think the “big guns” will be in attendance too so I probably shouldn’t go in sweatpants and my Aqua Teen Hunger Force t-shirt.

Actually I probably should in protest for me working nights and having this BS training at 8am. I mean it would be like them coming in to work at 4am or maybe it’s like me hosting training at 9pm.

Training on….baseball stadiums of the 50’s! ooooh cool


Burns Newsome said...

Boof, The Office is fantastic. Tonight's episode was only okay. It's about time you start watching.

Burns Newsome said...

Sorry, new alter ego for Barry Metropolis. I forgot pretty much everything about my old blog (passwords and whatnot) after not blogging for months. Had to start from scratch.