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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Snow!

And it won't be sad
to think of all we had
All unhappy ends could be behind us then

Call me crazy but I’m a little jealous of places like Winona and Mexico, NY. Winona just got dumped on with 29 inches of snow and Mexico got something like a hundred million billion inches a couple weeks ago.

I want that much! I miss those days where you are at a four way stop and all you can see are the antennas from the other cars and so it’s a matter of trying to figure out if everyone is on the same page and then try not to hit each other. I miss those days where the side walks are like snow caves and the plowed snow comes up to your chest. You try to dive in the snow but you just screw up your hip because you’re white and therefore can’t jump.

Then those days where you take your sled and plop it on the snow. You get excited and hop in…and it sinks about two feet into the ground. Oh and the football… oh the football is the best in the snow.

Maybe it’s all because I would hope that work would call a snow day like school--not necessarily my school--would. I remember that Tartan was the only school open in the metro area. I also remember where school was cancelled and they still picked up kids at the bus stops and held them hostage at school. How crappy would that be?

I remember when Marshall had like ten feet of snow and people where digging their houses out of snow. I remember watching the news with a grin and thinking, “That’s awesome! I’m going there for college!”

This year it’s been cold but I think it’s more of what winter should be instead of surprising. We also had a 10” snow storm but that seems more like what winter should be instead of amazing.

Hell, I remember walking up to the grocery store when there was a wind chill of 50 below and it literally hurt to the bone to be outside. I remember trick or treating in a Vampire costume with snow boots in the middle of one of the most historic snowstorms in recent history and fuck if that was going to stop me from getting candy.

I should probably move to Florida next time a hurricane is about to come inland.

God, that would be cool!

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