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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quick Bits

I'm no kid, in a kid's game
Did what I did, I got no one to blame
But I don't give up, no, I don't ever give up
It's all I got, it's my claim to fame

-Only in Minnesota can it be 6 degrees and actually feel warm. Today was one of the most bizarre days I’ve ever seen because it was a bright, sunshiny day and people seemed to have that spring to their step as if everything was just a notch better.

I went to the grocery store and I noticed that they had an endcap with Oreos featuring their new “springtime Oreos” and then I started to think, “damn, March Madness is coming soon“ which led to me wondering when pitchers and catcher would report for spring training. Summer’s here! Well, not really but it was a very optimistic day anyhow.

6 degrees and it honestly felt warm! Based on that, I can imagine Minnesotan’s traveling to Florida and getting severely burned by the intense 75 degree heat.

-One thing I learned on looking at Yankees tickets.

Lowerdeck left field seats at Yankee Stadium: $75
Lowerdeck left field seats at Metrodome: $20 (and that includes a coke and small pizza)


-I’ve just watched half of Jackass 2 and now I’m afraid to watch the last half.

-I forgot to mention this commercial but I thought it was very underrated. David Letterman snuggling with Oprah was pretty damn awesome.

-Uh, I guess that’s all I got.

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The Steph said...

That's cause people actually wanna see the Yankees play....