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Friday, February 09, 2007

Reuniting Songs

Karma police, arrest this girl
Her Hitler hairdo is
Making me feel ill
And we have crashed her party

Today I’m going to analyze and give my predictions on the Pro Bowl…

Actually I’ve been thinking about songs that reunited bands come up with. I recently found The Beatles’ Free As a Bird and I’ve been listening to that over and over again. Without doing any sort of research and going back to my 1995 knowledge, I believe that song was a demo recorded by John Lennon and then Ringo, Paul, and George decided to use those tapes to record a full blown song. As raw as it sounds, it’s a rather good song and the lyrics are extremely good when you take the whole Beatles thing into fruition.

Whatever happened to/the life that we once knew
Can we really live without each other
When did we lose the touch/ seemed to mean so much

I’ve really digested that chorus for awhile and I think it could be about Beatlemania and the magic they had when they were together and why they even broke up. Of course it could be a general chorus for any one particular relationship that isn’t going exactly awesome. But it is sad for a band like the Beatles to really wonder why they broke up in the first place--it’s even sadder knowing that George Harrison sung the chorus and now he’s not around anymore-----and it’s even sadder than sadder knowing that only Paul McCartney and Ringo are the only remaining beatles…hmmm maybe the Beatles and The Who should pool their resources and form “The Who Beatles”? Actually that would totally work out because Paul would play bass, Ringo at drums, Pete Townsend at lead guitar and Roger Daultrey at vocals…
I would hate to see Paul McCartney having anything to do with “Wont Get Fooled Again” though… Maybe Roger Daultrey could sing Love Me Do….nah, no good.

That general idea would really kick some ass too and the average price for a concert would be about a million dollars for nose bleed seats.

Hmmm weird…

Anyway, where was I? Another band I was thinking of was Van Hagar in their song, “It’s about time” which really doesn’t even deserve to be compared to “Free As a Bird” or the Beatles. Van Hagar even mentioned in the same entry as the Beatles (or The Who for that matter) is a disgrace in itself. “It’s About Time” was featured on Van Halen’s Best of Both Worlds album and it’s just a poor attempt at saying “hey, we’re back and we love each other a hell of a lot.” which was bullshit because if you’ve seen their concert and have followed Van Halen news (because I sure have…. Ugh) you would know that Sammy Hagar and Van Halen have parted on ways…again. Not to mention that it was just a really bad song and Sammy is about three months younger than my dad and can’t really sing anymore.

But why would a song that says “Hey, we’re getting along now because…listen to this song” be that much more awesome? I would think a song about whatever they really want to write about would be just as good and less cheesier.

If I ever get into a band and we disband and then get back together, we’re making a song about abortion.

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