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Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl crap

In the moment that it takes
You find you made your first mistake
Like the setting sun....
You turn around it's gone

Crap List

1. The Super Bowl Commercials
In case you decided to watch the Superbowl for the commercials you were probably as disappointed as we were watching that feeble attempt to be funny. Ugh most of the commercials were so lame that I didn’t feel guilty going to the bathroom.

For the record, I liked the coke Grand Theft Auto one. I thought that was a feel good commercial.
I also liked the Blockbuster mouse one and the Budweiser wedding one was oh so true. Other than that the commercials were pretty much lame as hell.

As a rule of thumb, monkeys = funny but noooooo they couldn’t have any monkeys or dancing bears. DANCING BEARS are completely funny! Basically just have a dancing bear for 30 seconds and the commercial will be gold.

What a disappointment all that was.

2. The actual Superbowl
Oh my god, that was the most boring superbowl in the history of mankind. I blame this on the rain…kinda even though I love the fact that it was raining on a thousand corporate execs.
Oh my god, if you were a fan of 5 yard passes and 4 yard runs then this was your fantasy coming true.

We found ourselves watching the puppy bowl on animal planet instead of watching the superbowl at times. It was crazy!

I’m so tired…I’m goin to bed

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