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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Taco Bell Bits

Greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road, mama, it ain't no sin

-My dad told me about how they were testing these razors at work and so they needed people to donate their hair for science…and $250. After hearing this I decided I was going to go for it because I’m just a hero like that because it’s in the name of science…and in the name of $250. In order to be able to be eligible one needs to have at least a half inch of hair on their head.
Apparently I’m not eligible (and it’s not because of the baldness) but it’s because I’m not technically an employee which sucks. I’m still, however, growing out my hair because 1) I’m lazy 2) I don’t need to impress anyone, 3) I want to see what kind of “progress” I have (or don’t have) in the hair department.

-I just watched Ice Age for the first time the other night and despite my subconscious hatred of Ray Romano, I really liked it. Those Pixar/animated movies always seem to impress me and are much better than the other crap that’s out there.

-Speaking of movies, I have forgotten how good of a movie Amelie is. Even though it’s subtitled it’s still an amazing movie and I found myself giving those gut laughs that end up hurting after awhile.

-Last weekend

Boof: So what are you and dad doing for Valentine’s Day?
Mom: Well, your dad and I (yeah, she always refers to him as if she divorced him 20 years ago) are going to see a movie, have a romantic drive in the neighborhood, and finally come home for some cherry pie.
Boof laughing: Wow… not going to go there.

Mom: What? You don’t like Cherry pie?

Boof: I gotta go

This is the kind of conversation I remember we had in Watertown, WI where we passed a Taco Bell that was painted pink.
Boof: pfffff! Oh my god, that Taco Bell is painted pink! A pink taco bell!
Dad and bro both laughing
Mom: What’s so funny about that? The Pizza Hut is painted red.
Boof, Dad, Bro all laughing a bit harder
Mom: You all are weird


H said...

it's odd that you don't want to get into a conversation with your mom about her cherry pie. i just threw up in my mouth a little.

new clutch - $1300


Hedy De Vine said...

it took me a minute on the pink taco bell joke, but i got it now.

sounds like your parents had a nice valentines day. i hope your dad liked his cherry pie.