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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Theme Music Bits

I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you

-I’m onto my newest addiction and this new addiction is almost over. Thank god. Lost season one has been okay at best although I still have the last three episodes to watch. The episodes all focus on one person on the island and after 18 episodes I have come to the conclusion that there are only 3 interesting people on the island. The fact that they don’t have a coconut radio and quicksand is another disappointment.

I think I’ve been watching this show so much is because I’ve just become addicted to watching entire seasons of shows. I had my mad Sopranos phase and then the comfortable 24 phase and both were very pleasant. Now that I’ve found that nothing compares to those awesome shows I want to act like I like something but I just miss the original fix.

Sopranos, get your ass in gear and show the damn final season already!

-I remember when I found out Pink Floyd got back together back in ‘05 I was a tad bit excited. I also remember David Gilmour saying that Live 8 was just a “…one off event” and that he wouldn’t think about getting back together unless it was another charity event. Since global warming has been the most popular thing to bitch about (where have you people been the past 30 years?) they are going to have a “Live Earth” concert on 7/7/07.

Similar to Live 8, Live Earth will have stages on most of the continents including Antarctica, North America, and Asia. Apparently the point is to make awareness to global warming…as if no one really knew about it.

For as much as I like these huge ass concert series (and I love how MTV will screw this one up) I just can’t help but think that some of this is completely messed up. Like where exactly is all this money coming from and going too? It’s not like AIDS or encouraging more funding to go towards Africa. It would be to encourage countries to look at their environmental impacts…in which case every damn concert should be held in the US.

Obviously the US needs to change their ways but when an administration chooses to cover their ears and go “LALALALALALLA” until it’s painfully obvious there’s a problem and then throw in the Kyoto protocol deal along with the societal bitching of $2 per gallon gasoline, I think it’s more of a problem than what Cameron Diaz can do about it.

Also, Antarctica? What the hell? You’re really going to fly (or ship) all the staging materials to and from Antarctica? You’re going to wine and dine a number of whiny rock stars in Antarctica? I have a feeling they’ll be using fossil fuels to power the stage, to run the boats/planes, and to fuels the generators.

How exactly is that spreading the global warming word?

Either way, if Pink Floyd get back together and play in Antarctica, I’m sure as hell not going to complain anymore. In fact I got a cool set list:

Dominoes (for Syd)
Take it Back
Welcome to the Machine

Oh my god that would be awesome!

-Just in case anyone hasn’t gotten the picture yet the way Britney Spears is going she’ll be dead in a month. So….let’s not act surprised.

-I gave a link out last week and I’m actually going to expose my play list to y'all. I consider this play list my “guilty pleasures” play list so you’ll find the obligatory Nickelback song along with a Madonna song or perhaps some Steve Perry stuff. Feel free to listen and I dare you to make a play list and let me look at all your guilty pleasure songs. Or whatever.

-Is this Robin Thicke guy Alan Thicke’s kid or grandkid? Not that it matters I guess but It just gives me memories of watching Growing pains and really digging the theme song. If I can find it that theme song will be in my play list.

-I actually remember really loving that Full House theme song too. When I was 7 I was really diggin DJ Tanner.

-Disney’s Rescue Rangers had some phat ass theme music too. It’s got to be a lost art.


Jenny Jaunich said...

I loved the comment about Brittney Spears. I wouldn't be surprised if she tipped over soon either. I don't think anyone would be shocked.. Yeck, some might be relieved! Sorry, that was mean.. Shame on me!

Aliecat said...

You should hang out with us at musical's fun!