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Thursday, March 08, 2007

2nd Place Bits

Lunatic fringe
We know you're out there
But in these new dark ages
There will still be light

-My job ended up making front page news the other day when a deer smashed through a window and decided to wander around inside the building. I don’t really have much to add other than the cops took the credit for almost everything when it was really a security guard that did all the dirty work.

In fact there was a point where the deer was in the hallway and only had one way to go. One way was a dead end and the other way was an open door to get outside. The deer stood in the hallway as the cops and other workers held cardboard (to make the deer think it was a wall). There was silence for a good couple minutes when some fucking dumbass lab worker decides to stick his head out in the hallway and say,
“HEY DEER! GO OVER THIS WAY!” and since the deer doesn’t know English, the deer went the other way.

The guy was probably a Ph.D too.

-I was a bit humbled in the music trivia category the other day. Basically when it comes to music trivia I’m not the best but I would consider my knowledge of popular music to be above average. I can name names, songs, albums, inspirations, and deaths as well as anyone. I can pretty much tell you anything you want to know about Pink Floyd (sadly) and the same for my favorite artists. I grew up on MTV (when they had music) and VH1 and loved all of it. Whenever there is a “documentary” I’m glued. Then this nugget came to me,

A: So yeah every St. Patricks day we celebrate by drinking Guinness and playing Van Morrison.

Boof: Van Morrison? Uh…is he Irish?

A: (pause….blink:blink) um yes. Van Morrison is very Irish.

I had no idea. See, I have my own copy of Van Morrison’s greatest hits and I love to bother my friend who hates *hates* Moondance by singing it every now and then, but I had no idea he was Irish. I feel ashamed for not knowing that.
He friggen had an album called “Irish Heartbeat” for chrissakes

-But it does answer a question I had to myself while watching The Departed last week. So I’m watching The Departed and I’m noticing the music has a distinct Irish/Scorsese feel to it. Most of the tunes were hardcore Irish or Rolling Stones, or something that complimented the movie. Then Comfortably Numb came on with Van Morrison singing the vocals. Now with my extensive knowledge of Pink Floyd I knew this was Roger Waters’ Wall concerts from 1990 at the Berlin Wall. What I didn’t understand was why Martin Scorsese picked this song and this version of this song for the movie. What big named director picks live songs for their movies? Scorsese even has it on The Departed trailor.

Ahhhh because Van the Man is Irish. That makes sense.

-I’m getting very lucky on concerts this year. Neko Case is coming April 7th on a Saturday, Patty Griffin is coming March 25th (on a Sunday), and Roger Waters is playing sometime in June on a Saturday.

Roger Waters may be a problem because I just noticed that cheapo tickets to Roger Waters is $77. Throw in Ticketmaster douche charges and I’ll be paying around $200 per ticket (well closer to $100). He hasn’t come out with new material since I last saw him and he’s only gotten older since.

As much as I’d love to see him, I just don’t have the drive to support him for $77 fucking dollars. How many times do I need to hear Money regurgitated? I’ll watch Live Earth instead.

-Front page of both online local newspapers had the Vikings latest signing, wide reciever Bobby Wade as big news.

Who the fuck is Bobby Wade? And I play fantasy football too (2nd place fantasy football for that matter hehe).


Aliecat said...

Special Lady Friend? You dawg...

The Steph said...

Even I knew Van Morrison was Irish - and I'm like the anti-pop culture trivia person. I know nothing about that stuff. Gees.