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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big Bits

Fluorescent lights engage
Blackbirds frying on a wire
Same birds that followed me to school When I was young
Were they trying to tell me something
Were they telling me to run

-What the hell is up with the media’s flat-out love for the Indians? Good lord you’d think they just added a couple pitchers or a hitter. Sports Illustrated and Fox sports has already predicted the Indians to win the AL Central this year. SI also has the Twins as being the 17th best team in the majors.

Haha 17th! Santana, by himself, is the 17th best team in baseball.

-I watched Stranger than Fiction last week and I must say, that might be top 5 material right there. I love those roles where big name comedians play these weird roles like Carrey in Truman show and Eternal sunshine or Adam Sandler in Drunk Punch Love and Spanglish….even though I didn’t care for the movie.
I felt that Maggie Gyllenhaal was damn good in that movie as well.

I bought it.

-I’ve talked to a couple different mortgage lenders and I’m not terribly worried about that aspect in the whole “home buying” deal. What I am worried about is finding a realtor who isn’t a complete douche bag. My last one would call me up at the weirdest times and he made me drive to his damn office in Roseville just so we can have a meet and greet. That wasn’t so bad but would it hurt to have some donuts and some punch available? Also the guy was working with his wife and they looked like a very intimidating couple.

Like you could be telling them about how bad this fart smelled like and the guy would give you the ultra fake laugh and completely ignore what you’re saying. Meanwhile the woman would be professionally wrapping the tunicate around her arm as she inject heroin while I go on about farts. Plus, he had this really weird George Hamilton tan along with one hell of a stupid looking mugshot on his business card. Why do realtors insist on going with the fake ass mugshot? Does it really make someone say, “Hey, that guy looks nice. Lets go with him for our $200,000 purchase.”

-This is probably one of the most realistic free internet games out there.

-I wonder if I could be a realtor and just do the opposite of what the typical realtors do. I’d just come right out and say “I’m not a douche bag” and maybe have a cool symbol to represent me. I think that might go over well. I could drive with my client and simply go “hey, that ones for sale. How bout that place? Oooh that one’s got a chimney!”

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