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Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness Bits

call you on the telephone
my voice too rough with cigarettes.
I sometimes thing I should just go home but I'm dealing with a memory
that never forgets

-Thank Christ Virginia Commonwealth won or else this would be the worst NCAA Thursday in the history of mankind. Nearly very seed that was supposed to win won. I was thinking of picking against Duke--what, with my hatred toward the ACC and especially Duke it seemed like an almost certainty. I was even going to bitch about Duke even being in the tournament as a 6 seed when they lost like 11 games. Either way, I’m going to tell my future kids to attend VCU just because they saved this first day of the tournament.

-Actually despite that game this first day has been pretty terrible. I was rooting hardcore for Davidson but they couldn’t keep things going. My big upset for the first round with George Washington beating…well, whoever it was, didn’t quite work out with GW losing by 35 points.
Eastern Carolina gave me a little bit of hope by trailing North Carolina by 4 in the 2nd half but sure enough they couldn’t keep it up

-I find that the family pack of snack sized miscellaneous chips is kind of fun. I’ll reach in the giant “family sack” and close my eyes hoping for Fritos or Doritos when I’ll pull out Lays Original. It’s like a good times in a giant sack.

The bad part about it is you have like 15 packs of empty chips bags hanging around your place. It makes me believe I’m the Simpsons Comic Book Guy or something.

-I love the commentary by Bill Simmons here. I think Hog and I could give him a run for his money though. Just give us a garage with HD and couches and a fridge full of beer and…someones gonna get pregnant I’m guessing. Maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea.

-I guess the 1st and 2nd round games are coming to the Metrodome (ugh) in 2009 and therefore I can safely say that I’m totally there. Hog and I went to the 1st and 2nd round games back in 2000 and it was a damn cool experience. The one thing that stuck out to me was actually the bands and believe me I’m not one of those weird band guys either.


Aliecat said...

I envision you sitting there in yer underwear, chip crumbs on yer belly, a sausage in one hand and a PBR in the other, your face illuminated with the blue glow of a basketball game...soooo hooootttt.

Boof said...

damn, I must've left my webcam on again.