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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Phillips is an Idiot Bits

but I cut some cord, and i shouldn't have done it,
and it won't forgive me after all these years

-I still have yet to tell my landlord about my plans for moving out. Lately she’s been having health problems but I think that may have something to do with her being a hypochondriac. She has also expressed to me in the past how she wants me to stay there until I’m 42 which would make her….yikes.

But god, of course she would like me to stay until I’m 42 because I’d be shelling out $400 to her every month (and that’s if she doesn’t raise the rent) until she’s sucking up the rest of social security. Hell, I could only hope I get a roommate even half as cool as me (not very likely) when I get my hizzy.

--just think of all the power three of me would have. Damn--

-Last Saturday I had to change the serpentine belt in my car. I stole some of my brother’s crappy clothes and walked up to the car when my dad asked,
“What are you doing?”
“I’m gonna do this and you’re gonna tell me what to do”

Reason being, I want to learn how to do it and I want to know more about changing shit in my car.
So we began and we started off by simply staring at the belt, then the engine mount located inside the belt, finally the engine. GM, or some reason, decided to put the engine mount right inside the belt so one has to lift the engine up enough to wiggle the belt from the mount…..blah blah blah basically it was a job that was beyond me and I needed the help of my dad.

Actually it was a two person job because someone’s gotta bring my dad ice water and tune the radio while he’s lifting the engine. Looks like I wore crappy clothes for a good reason.

-Looks like Anna Nicole died because of drugs.


-I attended orientation at the U of M last Tuesday. I believe this is about the 5th orientation I have been to in my collegiate career and I have concluded that after 150 credits I should be immune to any kind of stupid bullshit a school hosts.

They stuck me along with a dozen 20 year olds in this dungeon where workers were cutting up scrap copper next door. Then this woman went on to tell us about how wonderful the college of Liberal Arts is. I have to go to CLA because college of architecture just doesn’t allow some bum off the street in their program. I have always felt that CLA is the worst excuse for college period with their plethora of liberal arts programs and their degrees that…don’t go anywhere…like the ones that I have collected so far *frown*

So I have to decide after this first class whether or not I want to continue my architecture dreams. I have to admit that I’m inclined to doing so with the thought of having cheap gophers season tickets in 2009 as sad as that sounds.

-Twins are rated the 14th best franchise in terms of fan satisfaction.
Vikes are 120. HA!

-I just read the latest article by Steve Phillips who is constantly featured on Baseball Tonight on ESPN. After reading the article I felt the need to do a quick google search.

“Steve Phillips is so stupid” is what I typed in the google box and I found these excellent pages and most notably this mockery of his latest article.

Tomorrow…is the 2007 Twins preview. BE THERE!!

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